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Up and Coming Cosplayers with AlliZ Cosplay: Interview
2020-03-21 08:28:08

(Originally Published January 2, 2019)

She is the First Lady of our Up and Coming Cosplayers series! She is a cosplayer with great work ethic and humble attitude. She achieves to be the best cosplayer that she can be while maintaing friendliness and humility. While towering over the average man, and fit enough to pull the ears off an ox, she is extremely social and wants to meet you! In short, she is what she aspires to be: a great role model and public figure. Ladies and Gentlemen of the internet, it is our pleasure and privilege to introduce to you AlliZ Cosplay!

The very first thing I noticed about your Facebook page was that you made it a point to say that your cosplays are not perfect, but they are handmade to suit you and your tastes.  I think that might be one of the most humble, yet inspiring things I’ve heard a cosplayer say in a long time!

Thank you.  I know I have a lot to learn.   Currently, I have capitalized on the skills and resources I have to create my cosplays.  I would love to tackle a full armored Skyrim character, but I know I am currently not equipped with the right skills and resources.  I think my growth will take some time, but I’m excited to try new things and see what I’m capable of.

Would you say that you are just someone that works out to stay in shape, or are you one of the cosplayers that lives that fit life?

‘A little bit of both.  I would love to say I’m a #FitLife cosplayer, but I’m kind of bad at always staying fit, mostly because I like eating.  However, if you ask me about my life, it pretty much all revolves around getting faster, better, (and) stronger because I swam competitively from a toddler through college in division I sports, and even after college in Masters Swimming.  Just by being an athlete, I’ve developed the motivation to get to the gym every day (sometimes twice a day), but right now I’m not necessarily doing the crazy fit workouts you see on the internet.  I’m doing what I need to do to keep myself at a place I’m satisfied with, which is still hard.

I know that your father helps you with your props, sometimes.  Did he help you with your wings? (What cosplay was that, by the way?)

My father did not help with the wings, but once he saw them he did get a little jealous he wasn’t involved, and now wants design bigger (and) better ones.   Before I get into the cosplay I really do want to give a lot of credit to my dad, because he owns his own business manufacturing in a very difficult industry to work in.  I’m lucky he takes extra time to help me with these props, and helps provide me with resources and equipment to make cool stuff.

As for the wings, I sought out the help of two friends I swam with in college, (we’ll call them John and Sam) with who(m) graduated with Engineering degrees.  I bought them lunch, and we sat down in a Starbucks and talked about logistics. “Is it possible for the arms to support the weight of the fabric?  Will I be strong enough to pull it?  How much work and money would it take to make it mechanical?” We drew out the wings according to the character, and we discussed what we wanted the sizing and arm-span to be like.  After that we took a trip directly to Home Depot, bought everything we would need, and started the wings that day.  John had access to more machinery and power tools than I had because of his job, so took over welding aluminum and cutting.  We both worked together to mount everything to my back plate.  The fabric and insides of the wings, I did all by myself.  I also mounted an additional locking system to the backplate to keep the wings open since I was using a pulley system.

The character with the wings is Mirajane Satan Soul from the anime Fairy Tail.   I changed the design slightly, but it’s mostly true to the character.

I know you probably get asked this a lot, and you might break me in half for it, but do you mind telling us how tall you are?

I’m 6’1.” I used to hate being tall, but it’s only helped me in cosplay.  I wish you could see little kids when I’m wearing my wings.  Their head drops straight back and their mouths fall open.  It’s funny.

Where do you find most of your cosplay inspiration comes from?

‘Mostly Anime.  I only make characters I like or can relate to, so it would be unlikely I’m doing a character outside my fandom.  Sometimes If I’m in a bind about creating something that seems unrealistic, I’ll look at fan art for inspiration on spinning the look.

Do you think you might ever want to try a big construct sometime?  That would probably make a great father/daughter project.

Before my cosplays were limited because I was making them out of my small bedroom in Queens.  I had roommates, so I didn’t want to destroy the rest of the apartment.   Now I have my own place, and a workshop where I can be as loud and messy as I want.  I’m starting to buy more power tools, so I’m slowly becoming more equipped to start a big build.   I would love for my dad to help me, but he lives 700 miles away, so he is more so consulting me at this point.

On a scale of Ani-Mia to MomoKun, how hard do you party at cons?

Is this a scale I should know about??  Hahah.  I will say this:  I’ve never been to a con after-party. I find my cosplays physically exhausting to wear, and I think if I were to try and party afterword’s it would be dangerous for me.   I do work myself really hard on cons, and I have left cons unable to stand on my feet.  So that being said, AT the con, I go in.

Are there any cosplayers you kind of look up to?

I look up to Labinnak & Mangoloo Cosplays.  They were the first big cosplayers I found that in my eyes had “made-it” by just being themselves, and I have a ton of respect for that. (They)…inspired me to just focus on what I can make, and (to) be myself and make new friends.

I look up to Cowbutt Crunchies from a crafting perspective.  Those two have a level of detail that is almost unfathomable, and I’m blown away by everything they make.  I aspire to make something of that caliber one day.

Finally, I look up to Ivy Doomkitty.  I think she is one of the best inspirations out there for cosplay and body positivity.  I saw an interview she did where she talked about how she used to be shy and cosplay helped her come out of her shell and be herself.  I also watched her crafting process which made me instantly love and respect her.   I had the pleasure of meeting her at NYCC and she was super friendly and chill.  (She) asked us to come back each day so she could see our next costumes.  She is an example of someone I can relate to; who worked hard to create characters she could see herself in, and became successful doing it.   I would love to be like her one day.

Have you ever met any famous people cosplaying?

I partied with a few American voice actors at Liberty City Anime Con back in 2017.  I did the photo ops with Jack Gleeson (Joffrey –Game of Thrones), got an autograph from Kristian Nairn (Hodor – Game of Thrones), Met and got an autograph with Sean Astin (Samwise – LOTR), and best and biggest of all- Jason Momoa.  I first got a photo with Jason at Ace Comic Con in 2017.   At this past 2018 New York Comic Con, I got an autograph from him (he signed both sides of my trident, now retired from cosplay), and I got a photo of him holding me.  He called me “Mama” after the photo and I died.

Any big projects that you are looking forward to?

AH I THINK these are going to be my 2019 projects:  Mosquito Girl from One-Punch ManAinz Ooal Gown from Overlord, and probably Largatha from Vikings.

Any message to our readers or your followers?

Yes!  It’s important to me to be a cosplayer my followers can look to and not be afraid of.  I want people to feel comfortable with coming up to me at cons and saying hi.   I’m extremely tall, so I’ve had people tell me they were too intimidated to come over and say hi, but I promise I’m very welcoming!

I also hope that I can be an attainable role model.   There is so much perfection in the cosplay world, that I think it can shut people down as far as cosplay goals go.  I sometimes get overwhelmed by it too.  I think if you try your best to make what you want, you’ll like it more and other people will too.


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