Cosplay at a Glance: Mercedes Demon

Originally this cosplayer was going to be a featured cosplayer for “Up and Coming Cosplayers,” but for whatever reasons, she stopped responding.

I have to admit that as far as cosplay, she’s a bit on the novice side, (Give her time.) but what really stood out was…well, it was her body…It is insane.

Yes, I don’t know if there has ever been a woman bourne on this Earth of 100% human lineage to have such a small waist with such comparatively big hips.  She has unbelievable curves…

However, her pictures could use some work.  There are often streaks, scratches, or something on them, and it’s almost as if they are in some sort of dark filter.  To be honest, she could benefit from a good photographer.

In any case, I think that some of you will enjoy this pictorial for obvious reason.  Cosplay at a Glance presents Mercedes Demon.


Name:  Mercedes Demon

Other Known Aliases:  The Demon Female and Mercedes

Where We Found Her:  Facebook

What Stood Out:  She has insane waist to hips ratio and is extremely cute, pretty, and sexy.

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