Cosplay at a Glance: Lada Lyumos

Today’s Cosplay at a Glance cosplayer is a fetish model, and of course, Patreon cosplayer.  I’ve actually been a fan of her work for some time and often mistake her name as “Lady Lyumos.” Lada Lyumos is yet another cosplayer that I have tried to contact to be formally featured on All Cool Things™, but ‘to no avail.  In fact, as far as personal Facebook profiles go, there are two “Lada Lyumoses,” and both are from Russia, but different cities.

In any case, here’s our Cosplay at a Glance cosplayer:  Lada Lyumos.



Name:  Lada Lyumos

Other Known Aliases:  Lada Lyumos Cosplay

Where We Found Her:  Facebook

What Stood Out:  ‘Her immaculate hair and makeup, combined with a great latex/leather aesthetic.