Up and Coming Cosplayers with Kimikokoro: Pictorial

(Originally Published  February 21, 2019) I know a lot of you have been waiting for this:  Please enjoy this pictorial from Kimikokoro!

Did you enjoy getting to know Kimikokoro?  Well, we hope you did, and we’ll have another cosplayer for you to meet very soon.

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Up and Coming Cosplayers with Kimikokoro: Interview

(Originally Published February 20, 2019)

If this cosplayer never gains a huge following in the art or lifestyle, I have no doubt in the my mind that she will excel in life.  She has a personal code of beliefs that she is steadfast in, and a large core of friends that she loves and loves her.  Her cosplay is just an extension of how she lives her life:  She is modest.  She is humble.  She keeps to herself, yet shares herself deeply with her friends that she has met in doing what she loves.

Dear readers, I give you Kimikokoro.

Before I get into the meat of the interview, do you mind if I ask you how tall you are?  I hope that doesn’t offend you. I’m just very curious.

I am 5‘2- 5’3.  I am actually pretty short, a lot of times for the taller characters I cosplay I’ll wear higher heels or lifts to make myself look a lot taller haha.

I went to your Patreon and the first thing I noticed is that you do not do lewds, nudes, or implied nudes.   Not too many cosplayers on Patreon have that standard as an artist.  Would you mind sharing with us why you feel that strongly about that?

It’s not necessarily that I feel strongly about it, but I myself don’t feel comfortable with it, and just in general, I have never been the type of person that’s willing to show off their body like that.  It’s just not my style, and if I am not comfortable with something, and it’s not fun for me; well the whole point of cosplaying is to have fun.  I won’t do something I don’t want to do.  ‘Pretty simple.

How do you feel about cosplayers that do sell tiers with lewds, nudes, and/or implied nudes?

Honestly, you do you.  If someone else wants to do that and it’s fun for them, it’s not hurting me in the slightest, so I don’t really care.

Do you feel any pressure to provide lewd, nude, or implied nude content because of the success of other Patreons that do?

Honestly no, I do what I love because I want to.  I am not the type of person that really cares about what everyone else is doing and the fanbase that I want to have will hopefully support me regardless.

Looking at your portfolio, I get the flavour of the Korean cosplay idols like the Spiral Cats.  Are you familiar with them?  Are you also a fan of their work?  Does that certain style of cosplay have a name?

I actually have never heard of them.  My style is pretty much my own, I work hard to create my own image but the few cosplayers that have definitely influenced me the most are probably Hikarin and Yasha for sure.

I think the qualities of your cosplays that reminds me of the Spiral Cats is not just a tendency to cosplay as certain mult-tailed kitty girls, but your style in general.   You both choose a lot of elegant and very feminine cosplay characters.  Your characters go for cuteness, prettiness, or beauty over sexiness and sensuality. Does that describe your preference as a cosplayer?  Does that extend to other parts of your life?

Oh yeah for sure, I think in general as a person I’ve always been a lot more reserved, and I’m not one of those super out there flirty, in your face type of girls.  It’s not me as a person, and so it definitely shows in my cosplay style as well as my choice of cosplays.  I guess a pretty big example of this is Re:Zero, if you’ve ever seen it; the hot topic debate over Rem and Emilia.  I’ve always considered myself more of a Rem, and so I cosplay Rem and prefer Rem over Emilia.  They’re both, I guess, that cute and pretty style, but I’m the type that tends to go unnoticed, so I always prefer the characters that are more soft and off to the side.

One of the things that stands out in your cosplay are your makeup skills.   If you never cosplayed another day in your life, you could do your own makeup as a model or idol.   Do you you model or work in any other aspect of entertainment?

Haha wow, thank you.  My favorite part of cosplay is always the makeup, so it’s really nice to hear that other people like it as well.  I actually do not work as a model or an idol.  I’ve never been confident enough to try entering the entertainment industry like that.

It doesn’t really seem that you like doing cosplays of characters with armour or weapons.   Do you ever do those kinds of cosplays?

Oh god haha, I actually really do like some characters with armor and weapons, and I have done a few in the past with light armor or a sword every now and then.  I did have one or two somewhat armed cosplays planned for the future, but it’s very very time consuming to work on full armor cosplays, and I am pretty busy, so I don’t have the time to work on them.

What types of materials do you like working with when you are costuming?

Hmm, I think my favorite types of material to work with when creating any of my costumes is foam; any type of foam.  I feel like I can make a lot of things relatively easily with foam, and I’m not going to lie, working with wire makes me want to stab my eyes out just because it’s really difficult to work with, since I’m not super strong, and my hands are pretty small.

There are so many pictures of you with other cosplayers in your portfolio!  Would you like to tell us who is in your cosplay crew?  Are there any people that you like to collaborate with or cosplay with?

Definitely, I love my friends.  I love cosplaying with other people.  It’s a lot of fun!  My main and definitely longest friend is @Ikarukame on Instagram; we started cosplaying together.  The main crew also includes @tsuei_vivian and @dat_kittykat

I met Yasha once at Fanime this past year, and we were all cosplaying Houseki no Kuni, kind of like the main group of characters, and she was so nice, and so pretty. We all took a couple of pictures together.  I’d totally want to collaborate or group cosplay with her in the future.

If I had to guess, I’d say that you were a very social cosplayer.  Do you find cosplay as a great way to make new friends and socialise?  How many friends do you have, now from cosplay?  ‘Ever met a boyfriend/girlfriend cosplaying?

That’s so funny.  I actually think I’m pretty good at socializing with people, but I’m actually pretty introverted.  I actually don’t usually like approaching people at all.  Cosplay has definitely made me more social and a lot more confident as well.  I think a good portion of my close friends were people I met through cosplay and the cosplay community.  I don’t even know if I can count them all, but at least 10 of my good friends, I’ve met through cosplay; even more than that if we’re just including friends I’ve met through cosplay.  I haven’t met a boyfriend/girlfriend while cosplaying, but I met someone through a cosplay friend if that counts.

Do you see yourself cosplaying 10 years from now?  What do you ultimately want to get out of cosplay?

Oh yeah for sure! I  love cosplaying.  It’s my hobby.  It’s my passion, and I just love it because it makes me happy.  I’ve already been given so many things because of cosplay.  I’m happy with where I am with it right now.  If I want to get anything out of it, it’s just that continuous joy it brings me to complete a cosplay, or when I cosplay with friends.

Would you like to share anything else with our readers and your admierers?

Cosplay is something I will always love.  I’ve learned a lot through the experience about life, people, and myself, as a person.  So if anyone reading is hesitant on starting their cosplay journey, I hope that if you do try it.  It’ll be something you have fun with and grow to love as well.

Up and Coming Cosplayers with Kimikokoro: Cosplayer Score Card

(Originally Published February 17, 2019)

Cosplay Name:  Kimikokoro

Base of Operations:  Los Angeles, California

Years Cosplaying:  5 years

First Cosplay:  Mikasa Ackerman

First Con:  Anime California 2013

Cons per Year:  5-6

Number of Times to Dragon Con:  Never unfortunately. It’s hard for me to travel for cons since I don’t have the funds haha

Make Your Own Costume:  Half and Half

Make Your Own Props:  Most of the time

Do Your Own Hair:  Sometimes, sometimes I collab with @Ikarukame or @tsuei_vivian

Do Your Own Makeup:  Yes, every time.

Do Your Own Wig Styling:  Sometimes. With the spikier wigs I get help from @Ikarukame

Makes Your Own Wigs:  I don’t make my wigs myself, I buy and then cut/style.

Bodypaints:  Any body painting that goes on my body is done by me.  Sometimes I help other people with their body painting too.

Favorite Cosplay:  Out of all the ones I have, probably Queen from Persona 5

Patreon, Ko-fi, Etsy, and/or Support Link:  https://www.patreon.com/KimikokoroCosplay

Lewds:  I don’t do Lewds.

Nudes:  Or Nudes

More than Nudes:  Or anything like that in general

Social Media:  @kimikokorocosplay on Instagram and Kimikokoro Cosplay on Facebook

Domain of Your Own:

Secret Super Power:  Makeup Magic <3