Up and Coming Cosplayers with Gumiho: Pictorial

I have thoroughly enjoyed every single facet of this feature with Gumiho, and now we come to the last part of the feature:  The Pictorial.

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Up and Coming Cosplayers with Gumiho: Cosplayer Score Card


Cosplay Name: Gumiho

How You Came Up With Name:  Gumiho is Korean and basically means “fox” (in the mythological world, especially), it’s similar to the Japanese word “kitsune.” I love foxes very very much, especially the magical ones from tales and legends, and Ahri, my first league of legends main, is also a kitsune, so it came natural. Kitsune was a name that was already taken a lot in cosplay world, so I dug up the Korean equivalent to this word.  I’m happy with how I can shorten Gumiho to Gumi now as a nickname :3

Other Known Aliases:  Gumi, my preferred nickname

Base of Operations:  Germany!

Years Cosplaying:  I started when I was around 15, I think.  I am 22 now, so that makes…7 years now?

First Cosplay:  ‘Claude Faustus from Black Butler.  I only took one picture of it; so sad!  XD

First Con:  ‘LBM (Leipziger BookFair) when I was 15.  I wore a kimono and cat ears; super cringe, but it was HELLA fun.

Cons per Year:  Before COVID, it was around 6.   I love cons!  Meeting friends, snacking overpriced stuff, buying cool stickers and prints from artists, connecting with followers aka having nice chats, taking weird selfies; ah, I miss it!

Make Your Own Costumes:  ‘Only partially, ‘can’t sew.

Make Your Own Props:  Partially, wanna get into prop making more in the future.

Do Your Own Hair:  Yeah.

Do Your Own Makeup:  Hell yes, I’m practicing that a lot.

Do Your Own Wig Styling:  ;For easier styles yes, for advanced stuff, nope.

Makes Your Own Wigs:  No

Bodypaints:  Sometimes

Favourite Cosplay:  Tough question:  ‘Maybe KDA Evelynn.  I love KDA so much!  I will make new KDA All Out Eve this year too.  :3

Number of times you have been to Dragon Con:  None, that con doesn’t exist in my country.

Patreon, Ko-fi, Onlyfans, Etsy, and/or Support Link:  Patreon:  patreon.com/gumihocosplay, OnlyFans:  onlyfans.com/gumiho, FREE OnlyFans:  onlyfans.com/gumihofree

Lewds:  Yes

Nudes:  Half-Yes (boobies)

More than Nudes:  Half-Yes (I make softporn, but no full nude yet, who knows what future will bring)

Social Media:  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gumiho.arts/, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gumihocos/, Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/gumiho/, Twitter: https://twitter.com/gumiho_arts, Discord: https://discord.gg/QJJWp6P

Domain of Your Own:  Yes! Need it to store my billions of cosplays!

Secret Super Power:  ‘Can convince myself to buy a new cosplay even if I promised myself a day before to not buy new ones till I finished some old plans…Wait, that’s like a super ANTI-power.  Maybe… ha I got it! Super fast reading.  😀 People are always weirded out by how quick I can finish books.

Cosplay at a Glance: Lada Lyumos

Today’s Cosplay at a Glance cosplayer is a fetish model, and of course, Patreon cosplayer.  I’ve actually been a fan of her work for some time and often mistake her name as “Lady Lyumos.” Lada Lyumos is yet another cosplayer that I have tried to contact to be formally featured on All Cool Things™, but ‘to no avail.  In fact, as far as personal Facebook profiles go, there are two “Lada Lyumoses,” and both are from Russia, but different cities.

In any case, here’s our Cosplay at a Glance cosplayer:  Lada Lyumos.



Name:  Lada Lyumos

Other Known Aliases:  Lada Lyumos Cosplay

Where We Found Her:  Facebook

What Stood Out:  ‘Her immaculate hair and makeup, combined with a great latex/leather aesthetic.

Famous Cosplayers at a Glance: Kristen Lanae

This cosplayer has also gained fame as a Twitch streamer and fashion model.

Famous Cosplayer at a Glance presents Kristen Lanae.


Name:  Kristen Lanae

Other Known Aliases:  None

Cosplay at a Glance: ChibiNeko Cosplay

Today’s cosplayer is a New Yorker, but for some reason, I thought she might have been from the UK…Anyway, yes:  She has a Patreon.

She’s the cosplayer with the original name (because no cosplayer ever has “Chibi,” “Neko,” or “Cosplay” in her name).  Cosplay at a Glance presents:  ChibiNeko Cosplay.


Name:  ChibiNeko Cosplay

Other Known Aliases:  Skyla Rayne

Where We Found Her:  Facebook

What Stood Out:  She’s thin and tattooed.

Cosplay at a Glance: Mercedes Demon

Originally this cosplayer was going to be a featured cosplayer for “Up and Coming Cosplayers,” but for whatever reasons, she stopped responding.

I have to admit that as far as cosplay, she’s a bit on the novice side, (Give her time.) but what really stood out was…well, it was her body…It is insane.

Yes, I don’t know if there has ever been a woman bourne on this Earth of 100% human lineage to have such a small waist with such comparatively big hips.  She has unbelievable curves…

However, her pictures could use some work.  There are often streaks, scratches, or something on them, and it’s almost as if they are in some sort of dark filter.  To be honest, she could benefit from a good photographer.

In any case, I think that some of you will enjoy this pictorial for obvious reason.  Cosplay at a Glance presents Mercedes Demon.


Name:  Mercedes Demon

Other Known Aliases:  The Demon Female and Mercedes

Where We Found Her:  Facebook

What Stood Out:  She has insane waist to hips ratio and is extremely cute, pretty, and sexy.

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28 Days of Black Cosplay

This upcoming month, February, is a home to a very popular social media event. In addition to it being Black History Month, (which is very important in itself) it is also a celebration for Black cosplayers. 28 days of Black Cosplay is a tag on social media that was created by Chaka Cumberbatch-Tinsely (@princessology on Twitter) several years ago. It was created to promote visibility, representation and to celebrate Black makers. There are plenty of cosplayers avidly talking about the costumes they plan to post during the month and how they plan on showcasing and uplifting other fellow creators. It is something that we are very excited about.
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Famous Cosplayer at a Glance: Alexandria the Red

I thought that I might make another series for cosplay.  At first, I thought about making this a sub-section of “Cosplay at a Glance,” but I felt the cosplayers featured had earned their own series, despite how similar.

Welcome to Famous Cosplayers at a Glance!

Yup, you probably guessed it:  she has a Patreon.

Meet Alexandria the Red.


Name:  Alexandria the Red

Other Known Aliases:  None

Cosplay at a Glance: Lu Felixya

Well Folks, this cosplayer actually shared a little about herself.  She’s from Rio de Janeiro in Brasil, and yes, you guessed it:  She’s got a Patreon.  (There’s a lot of Chads and Stewarts out there paying for all of these Patreon and Onlyfans accounts!)

Ladies and Gentlemen, All Cool Things’s™ Cosplay at a Glance presents Lu Felixya.


Name:  Lu Felixya

Other Known Aliases:  None

Where We Found Her:  Facebook

What Stood Out:  ‘The way she handles herself and that promise of passion behind the eyes that all Brasilian women possess.

Up and Coming Cosplayers with Queen B Cosplay: Pictorial

It was a pleasure featuring Queen B Cosplay for this Up and Coming Cosplayers.  I would have thought that cosplayers would be more open to being featured for all of the home-bound masses of a COVID-19 world, but strangely enough we have been hurting for cooperative and participating cosplayers (hence our new series “Cosplay at a Glance).

If you haven’t read our interview with Queen B Cosplay, I suggest you do, as it will lend portent into our choice of photos for her pictorial, as well as give you more of a appreciation for them.

One thing that we will tell you that we did not get to touch upon in her interview, is that Queen B Cosplay is a graphic designer and editor.  In fact, you can see some of her work in her pictorial, as well as the other pictures in her Cosplayer Score Card and Interview.

Without further ado, please enjoy the pictorial for Queen B Cosplay:  The Fighting Queen!