Up and Coming Cosplayers with FeistyVee: Interview

(Originally Published February 6, 2019)

To make these articles, I almost literally have to send out a sea of inquiries to talented cosplayers in hopes that they don’t think that I am a scam artist, pornographer, or just plain old “weirdo” or “creep.” I was very elated when this young lady responded, and so promptly.  She has exploded on to the cosplay scene, and probably won’t be accepting interviews in the same capacity for long, as she is quickly building her brand and building her own cosplay empire.

Ladies and Gentlemen, leading off the month of February, I give you FeistyVee!

Just out of curiosity, how many times have you been interviewed?


I think I’ve done close to 20 interviews in total!  I really love being interviewed because every interviewer has these amazing questions and they’re always so different from the last!  I feel like it’s a fantastic way for cosplay fans to get a glimpse into the cosplay lifestyle!  I try to take every interviewing opportunity that’s presented to me because if I can help inspire at least one person who reads it then I’ve done my job!

You were one of the cosplayers that I hoped would be a part of this series the most.  For the last month or so, your cosplays have appeared in so many of my circles.  Does it feel like overnight success to you, or have you had such a large following for a while?

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have felt successful with cosplaying since day 1!  I will say that my actual cosplay industry relationships have really blossomed in the last six months.  I’ve been able to become friends with so many talented cosplayers and because we all share each other’s photos, as well as sort of hype each other up; it really increases the amount of reach within our community!  There are so many amazing women and men in this cosplay community and their willingness to promote each other is absolutely amazing!

I actually like to read up on cosplayers I admire.  You are one of those cosplayers that really doesn’t have too much background up.  Do you consider yourself a private individual?

I absolutely do consider myself to be more private than some of the other cosplayers in our community!  I’m so glad you asked this because I always hope that fans and cosplay enthusiasts don’t think I’m trying to be secretive or cold towards them.  It’s extremely rare that you would see information out on who I’m currently dating, my career I’m passionate about, or anything else on that “real life” personal level.  For me, cosplaying is such a fantasy, it’s truly one of the only times you can become a different person!  When real life gets brought into the equation it can kind of “muddy the waters,” so to speak. I prefer that my personal life doesn’t interfere with that fantasy that I get to live out.  If someone asks me a question directly about my life, I’m more than happy to answer!  I just don’t go out of my way to advertise that on my pages.  Sometimes life isn’t pretty, and I want my page to continue to be a happy, safe place for all who visit it!

I’m going to go out on a limb: Did you want a career in fitness or sports? Do you have one?

Fitness and sports have always been such a huge part of my life.  I was a semi-professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter until I graduated college and started the career that I actually went to school for!  Now that I’m working full time in Business Marketing, I no longer compete in MMA.  I do work out 5 days a week on a weight lifting plan to increase my muscle mass!  I LOVE strong looking women!  I think it’s extremely unique and attractive to have a body type that you just don’t see very often in the real world, so that is what I’m currently striving towards!  While I still miss competing, I stay up to date on MMA news to at least keep me in the loop!


Other than giving such a great a beautiful body, do you find that fitness helps you as a cosplayer?  If so, how?

I absolutely do believe fitness helps me as a cosplayer.  Fitness is such a huge de-stresser!  It also increases my confidence not just in the way that I look, but in every day situations as well!  If I’m feeling frustrated with a cosplay I can always look to fitness as a type of motivation:  “Well I lifted 170lbs today, I can do this too!!!” It also helps my time management skills while I work on cosplays because I know that Monday-Friday at a certain time, I have to be at the gym, and by scheduling it appropriately everything gets done on time!  Overall fitness has done nothing but better myself as a cosplayer and as a person as well!

How did you get into cosplay?  Do any of your friends or family cosplay?  What do they think of it?


I actually started cosplaying because a girl who I graduated high school with was looking for other women to cosplay with her!  I was always such a huge costuming fan in general, and I was using Halloween as my outlet because I didn’t know that cosplaying existed!  After I cosplayed one time, I knew that it was going to become my new hobby.  Everything about cosplaying is so fun to me!  I love being able to express my inner nerd by becoming my own hero!  I have tons of friends who I’ve met in this community who cosplay, and I even got my mom to dress up one time (She killed it!) at a convention we went to!  I’m extremely fortunate to have my family support my hobby and root me on no matter what I wear!  They’re just excited that I’m having a great time doing it.  I feel blessed to have their support because I know a lot of other cosplayers families don’t understand cosplay and they don’t support hobby at all.  My mom @cos_mom on Instagram is a huge community supporter.  If any cosplayers are struggling at a convention, she is there to lift them back up!  She rocks!  My dad also helps me build some of my larger props that I cosplay with.  I’m a lucky girl for sure!


Do you like to meet and cosplay with people, or are you more of a solo artist?

I would say that I definitely do a healthy mix of both!  I have an absolutely amazing cosplay group of 11 women who I cosplay with a few times a year!  The rest of the times I cosplay solo, but I still see them at conventions and interact with them online on a daily basis!  We call it our Cosfam, (Cosplay Family) and we support each other and offer advice for builds, sewing, wig making or anything else they may need!  We’ve all become good friends through cosplaying, and we encourage and support each other’s goals in this industry!

Between fitness, martial arts, work, and cosplay, do you get any time to breathe and relax?   How do you find the time?  What do you do in those times between times?

That is a fantastic question!  It seems like my life can go a million miles a minute for sure *especially when convention season is in full swing*!  I don’t get a whole lot of time to just sit and relax.  However, on the rare nights I find myself with an hour to spare I watch anime or I read!  I absolutely love anime!  I have so many series that I still want to see but it seems like there’s not enough hours in the day!  If I’m not feeling like watching anything, I’ll grab a book and get into it.  Currently I’m reading “How to Be a Modern Day Viking.” I love books about self-help, confidence, and ways to reach your goals!

Would you say you have an obsession with strange and high heels? (How do you not fall and break your ankles with those things!!?)

I absolutely think the shoes make the outfit!  I love seeing peoples faces when they see my shoes at a convention and gasp “How can you wear those things?!?!” “How tall are you??” “How do you walk??” Walking in really high heels takes a lot of patience and practice, but once you’ve got it it’s just like riding a bike!  I think that my heels make me stand out at conventions and they’re fantastic conversation pieces.  My newest cosplay, Midnight from My Hero Academia, has some of the biggest heels I’ve ever worn!  I’ll be debuting her Jan 5th at Sacanime!

Do you see yourself making a living out of cosplay as a brand one day, or is this a hobby for you?

I would love to be able to make cosplay a part time job in the sense that it can supplement some of my income!  I work extremely hard to make my cosplays the best they can be.  2019 is going to be a real hustle year for me as I transition from hobby to part time professional cosplayer!  I think that I offer a lot more than just cosplay because of my fitness background, so I look forward to being able to incorporate that as well!

You cosplay a wide variety of characters from all kinds of media.  Do you actually enjoy fandoms in all of those media, or do you fall in love with characters?

It’s definitely a mix of both!  There are certain characters I cosplay because I am absolutely in love with that character, and then there are characters I cosplay because I love their outfit design!  I think at the end of the day it comes down to what really inspires me.  If I feel inspired by a design, there’s nothing that’s going to keep me from cosplaying it, no matter what fandom it’s from!  As a cosplayer, I always seem to gravitate towards the strong female characters, and even the occasional chivalrous male character!  I think it’s about finding the characters that really speak to you, and just running with it!

I saw that you cosplay Sofia from Battle Arena Toh Shin Den.  Back in the day, were you a PlayStation or Saturn girl?

I was definitely a Play Station girl!!!!  My older brother played video games when we were kids so 99% of the time I didn’t even get to play.  I just got to watch him play his favorite games! It was okay with me though, because he was really passionate about video games, so getting to watch him play was an experience in itself!  He is really the big reason I’m the nerd I am today haha!


I’ve wondered about this, but for some reason, you seem like the one to ask:  When it comes to admirers and people that leave you comments, how often do you find yourself responding?   What are reasons that you don’t respond?

This is an absolutely fantastic question!  I get a LOT of messages, comments, and interaction on my pages.  I am so extremely thankful for the amount of engagement my page receives!  I try to respond to comments that feel inspired by the photo!  The same goes for messages, if someone messages me “Hi”, sorry to say I don’t respond.  I get about 30-50 new messages in a single day, so those messages get overlooked as opposed to messages that start out with “Hi Vee my name is so and so, and here’s what I’d like to talk about!” That gives me a lot more to work with in the message and I’m more than happy to respond to those!  As for comments, if people leave a general compliment, I’ll like the comment, but to reply I really only reply comments that are very kind, unique, or outgoing!  I hope that the way I’m responding to this question makes sense, because I read every single comment and every message as well!  I only get to reply to a select amount in a day though, so if you want a reply, just write something genuine!

You are one of many cosplayers that has sexy cosplay.   Do you find it thrilling to do be in sexy cosplay?  Do you ever cosplay sexy at cons?

I absolutely love sexy cosplay.  I work really hard on my body and my shape, so I love to show it off!  I also want to inspire other women to wear whatever they want without feeling self-conscious about it.  The body is SUCH a beautiful thing, and if my ridiculous costume can inspire even one woman to wear that short skirt in the back of her closet that she thinks is cute, but is worried about what other people will think, I’ve accomplished my goal!  I always wear my sexier cosplays to conventions.  I personally don’t have any issues with people trying to be inappropriate towards me while in sexy cosplay.  Is it because I’m an MMA fighter?  Is it because I’m over 6 feet tall in heels?  Maybe! I like to think that the confidence I exude while in cosplay deters anyone from getting wandering hands, (not to say that people haven’t tried and been publicly humiliated by their own idiotic actions), but for the most part I’ve had no issues wearing sexy cosplay to cons.  I also absolutely love seeing other women wear sexy cosplay because it shows that as a community we can step out, represent the characters accurately, and inspire some body confidence along the way!

Is a Patreon on the way?

Mark your calendars everyone:  February 1, 2019 I will be launching my Patreon in full force!  I have wanted to start monetizing cosplay for a while, but I feel like I’m in the right mindset now to go out and really kill it!  The Patreon debut will showcase three brand new sets for the month of February which will include, Holiday, New Years, and Valentine’s Day themes! I’m also only going to have 3 tiers:  Bronze, Silver, and Gold.  We are going to make Patreon short, sweet, and to the point by showcasing what I think my fans want to see.  You can expect tons of exclusive content, digital files, and fitness videos heading your way come 2019.  I’m looking forward to really stepping up and slaying this new platform and I hope it’s received well because I’m going 150% full speed ahead!

I really do appreciate you taking the time to be a part of this Up and Coming Cosplayers series.   Do you have anything to say to your followers and our readers before we end the interview?

First of all, thanks so much for having me!  I feel honored every time I’m able to give a little insight into our cosplaying world!  Second, I want to let everyone reading this know, if you want to cosplay, get out there and be the best cosplayer that you can be!  I know so many people who are interested in cosplaying, but may be a little too shy to give it a go, (but) take the step, and I promise you will be happy that you did!  I root for every single cosplayer I see, so if you’re at a convention and you’re feeling a little down, come find me and let me get you pumped up!!!  I absolutely love supporting other cosplayers, and I hope that I can be a fresh and positive influence in our community!

Up and Coming Cosplayers with FeistyVee: Cosplayer Score Card

(Originally Published February 3, 2019)

Cosplay Name: FeistyVee

Base of Operations:  California

Years Cosplaying:  4

First Cosplay:  Bunny Satsuki Kill La Kill

First Con:  Sacanime Summer

Cons per Year:  >10

Number of Times to Dragon Con:  0 sadly

Make Your Own Costume:  Yes and No

Make Your Own Props:  Yes

Do Your Own Hair:  Yes

Do Your Own Makeup:  Yes

Do Your Own Wig Styling:  Yes and No

Makes Your Own Wigs:  Yes and No

Body paint:  Self Done

Favorite Cosplay:  R Mika Street Fighter

Patreon, Ko-fi, and/or Support Link:  https://ko-fi.com/feistyvee https://www.patreon.com/feistyvee

Lewds:  Yes

Nudes:  No

More than Nudes:  No

Social Media:  IG:  @Feisty_vee FB:  @Feistyvee Twitter:  @Feisty_vee

Domain of Your Own:  None Yet

Secret Super Power:  Eating everything in sight!!!

Up and Coming Coplayers with AlliZ Cosplay: Pictorial

(Originally Published January 4, 2019)

For you we have a feast for your aesthetic and artistic viewing pleasures: AlliZ Cosplay’s Exclusive Pictorial!

‘Some bonus “fish out of water…and cosplay..!”

So…how did we do?  This was our first in a series of new cosplayer articles that we have planned this first quarter of the year.

Please share and comment.  Based on your feedback, we could continue this permanently.  We could even change the format based on your wishes.

Also, sharing helps each and every one of our cosplayers that work so hard on their craft.  They really just want to share it with all of you, and we feel this is a great way to help them do just that, which is why we do this as well.

Goodbye, for now!

Up and Coming Cosplayers with AlliZ Cosplay: Interview

(Originally Published January 2, 2019)

She is the First Lady of our Up and Coming Cosplayers series! She is a cosplayer with great work ethic and humble attitude. She achieves to be the best cosplayer that she can be while maintaing friendliness and humility. While towering over the average man, and fit enough to pull the ears off an ox, she is extremely social and wants to meet you! In short, she is what she aspires to be: a great role model and public figure. Ladies and Gentlemen of the internet, it is our pleasure and privilege to introduce to you AlliZ Cosplay!

The very first thing I noticed about your Facebook page was that you made it a point to say that your cosplays are not perfect, but they are handmade to suit you and your tastes.  I think that might be one of the most humble, yet inspiring things I’ve heard a cosplayer say in a long time!

Thank you.  I know I have a lot to learn.   Currently, I have capitalized on the skills and resources I have to create my cosplays.  I would love to tackle a full armored Skyrim character, but I know I am currently not equipped with the right skills and resources.  I think my growth will take some time, but I’m excited to try new things and see what I’m capable of.

Would you say that you are just someone that works out to stay in shape, or are you one of the cosplayers that lives that fit life?

‘A little bit of both.  I would love to say I’m a #FitLife cosplayer, but I’m kind of bad at always staying fit, mostly because I like eating.  However, if you ask me about my life, it pretty much all revolves around getting faster, better, (and) stronger because I swam competitively from a toddler through college in division I sports, and even after college in Masters Swimming.  Just by being an athlete, I’ve developed the motivation to get to the gym every day (sometimes twice a day), but right now I’m not necessarily doing the crazy fit workouts you see on the internet.  I’m doing what I need to do to keep myself at a place I’m satisfied with, which is still hard.

I know that your father helps you with your props, sometimes.  Did he help you with your wings? (What cosplay was that, by the way?)

My father did not help with the wings, but once he saw them he did get a little jealous he wasn’t involved, and now wants design bigger (and) better ones.   Before I get into the cosplay I really do want to give a lot of credit to my dad, because he owns his own business manufacturing in a very difficult industry to work in.  I’m lucky he takes extra time to help me with these props, and helps provide me with resources and equipment to make cool stuff.

As for the wings, I sought out the help of two friends I swam with in college, (we’ll call them John and Sam) with who(m) graduated with Engineering degrees.  I bought them lunch, and we sat down in a Starbucks and talked about logistics. “Is it possible for the arms to support the weight of the fabric?  Will I be strong enough to pull it?  How much work and money would it take to make it mechanical?” We drew out the wings according to the character, and we discussed what we wanted the sizing and arm-span to be like.  After that we took a trip directly to Home Depot, bought everything we would need, and started the wings that day.  John had access to more machinery and power tools than I had because of his job, so took over welding aluminum and cutting.  We both worked together to mount everything to my back plate.  The fabric and insides of the wings, I did all by myself.  I also mounted an additional locking system to the backplate to keep the wings open since I was using a pulley system.

The character with the wings is Mirajane Satan Soul from the anime Fairy Tail.   I changed the design slightly, but it’s mostly true to the character.

I know you probably get asked this a lot, and you might break me in half for it, but do you mind telling us how tall you are?

I’m 6’1.” I used to hate being tall, but it’s only helped me in cosplay.  I wish you could see little kids when I’m wearing my wings.  Their head drops straight back and their mouths fall open.  It’s funny.

Where do you find most of your cosplay inspiration comes from?

‘Mostly Anime.  I only make characters I like or can relate to, so it would be unlikely I’m doing a character outside my fandom.  Sometimes If I’m in a bind about creating something that seems unrealistic, I’ll look at fan art for inspiration on spinning the look.

Do you think you might ever want to try a big construct sometime?  That would probably make a great father/daughter project.

Before my cosplays were limited because I was making them out of my small bedroom in Queens.  I had roommates, so I didn’t want to destroy the rest of the apartment.   Now I have my own place, and a workshop where I can be as loud and messy as I want.  I’m starting to buy more power tools, so I’m slowly becoming more equipped to start a big build.   I would love for my dad to help me, but he lives 700 miles away, so he is more so consulting me at this point.

On a scale of Ani-Mia to MomoKun, how hard do you party at cons?

Is this a scale I should know about??  Hahah.  I will say this:  I’ve never been to a con after-party. I find my cosplays physically exhausting to wear, and I think if I were to try and party afterword’s it would be dangerous for me.   I do work myself really hard on cons, and I have left cons unable to stand on my feet.  So that being said, AT the con, I go in.

Are there any cosplayers you kind of look up to?

I look up to Labinnak & Mangoloo Cosplays.  They were the first big cosplayers I found that in my eyes had “made-it” by just being themselves, and I have a ton of respect for that. (They)…inspired me to just focus on what I can make, and (to) be myself and make new friends.

I look up to Cowbutt Crunchies from a crafting perspective.  Those two have a level of detail that is almost unfathomable, and I’m blown away by everything they make.  I aspire to make something of that caliber one day.

Finally, I look up to Ivy Doomkitty.  I think she is one of the best inspirations out there for cosplay and body positivity.  I saw an interview she did where she talked about how she used to be shy and cosplay helped her come out of her shell and be herself.  I also watched her crafting process which made me instantly love and respect her.   I had the pleasure of meeting her at NYCC and she was super friendly and chill.  (She) asked us to come back each day so she could see our next costumes.  She is an example of someone I can relate to; who worked hard to create characters she could see herself in, and became successful doing it.   I would love to be like her one day.

Have you ever met any famous people cosplaying?

I partied with a few American voice actors at Liberty City Anime Con back in 2017.  I did the photo ops with Jack Gleeson (Joffrey –Game of Thrones), got an autograph from Kristian Nairn (Hodor – Game of Thrones), Met and got an autograph with Sean Astin (Samwise – LOTR), and best and biggest of all- Jason Momoa.  I first got a photo with Jason at Ace Comic Con in 2017.   At this past 2018 New York Comic Con, I got an autograph from him (he signed both sides of my trident, now retired from cosplay), and I got a photo of him holding me.  He called me “Mama” after the photo and I died.

Any big projects that you are looking forward to?

AH I THINK these are going to be my 2019 projects:  Mosquito Girl from One-Punch ManAinz Ooal Gown from Overlord, and probably Largatha from Vikings.

Any message to our readers or your followers?

Yes!  It’s important to me to be a cosplayer my followers can look to and not be afraid of.  I want people to feel comfortable with coming up to me at cons and saying hi.   I’m extremely tall, so I’ve had people tell me they were too intimidated to come over and say hi, but I promise I’m very welcoming!

I also hope that I can be an attainable role model.   There is so much perfection in the cosplay world, that I think it can shut people down as far as cosplay goals go.  I sometimes get overwhelmed by it too.  I think if you try your best to make what you want, you’ll like it more and other people will too.

Up and Coming Cosplayers with AlliZ Cosplay: Cosplayer Score Card

(Originally Published December 31, 2018)

Cosplay Name:  AlliZ Cosplay

Base of Operations:  NY Metro Area

Years Cosplaying:  5.5 Years

First Cosplay:  Neliel from Bleach

First Con:  New York Comic Con 2014

Cons per Year:  Around 5 in 2018

Number of Times to Dragon Con:  0

Make Your Own Costume:  Yes! Unless I’m modeling someone else’s costume (i.e. Super Heroes Unlimited, HMS Death Star).

Make Your Own Props:  YES! My favorite Part

Do Your Own Hair:  Yes

Do Your Own Makeup:  Yes

Do Your Own Wig Styling:  Yes

Make Your Own Wigs:  I buy the wig & style it.

Bodypaints:  I use Mehron Paradise

Favorite Cosplay:  Nel (from Bleach)

Patreon, Ko-Fi, Etsy, and/or Other Support Link(s):  https://ko-fi.com/AlliZCosplay https://www.etsy.com/shop/AlliZCosplay

Lewds:  Do not Currently Have

Nudes:  Do not Currently Have

More than Nudes:  Do not Currently Have

Social Media: IG:  @allizcosplay , FB: facebook.com/allizcosplay, Flicker: Allizcosplay , Twitter: @allizcosplay

Domain of Your Own:  Not yet

Secret Super Power:  Talks to Fish

***’Should also mention Resourcefulness. Sometimes I need something to make a cosplay work and I will literally walk around until I can find something I can use.***