Up and Coming Cosplayers with Arkhamesque Cosplay: Interview

(Originally Published October 2, 2019) For the first time, All Cool Things™ thought it might be fun to feature a character cosplayer as an Up and Coming Cosplayer.  While we respect cosplayers for their ability to be different characters and bring the unreal to life, character cosplayers are a little bit of a contradiction.  Character […]

Up and Coming Cosplayers with Extraordinary Erika: Interview

(Originally Published July 16, 2019) This Up and Coming Cosplayer is a remarkable woman.  She reminds me a lot of Free Safari.  She has overcome great odds and is a survivor.  She also reminds me of AlliZ Cosplay.  She is an Amazon with a great natural body honed by nature as well.  She reminds me of FeistyVee.  She […]

Up and Coming Cosplayers with Miniilay: Interview

(Originally Published July 4, 2019) I get to meet a lot of interesting and talented people doing what I do.  ‘Many talented men and women that devote a good portion of their time and effort to an art that does not profit them, for a person to truly profit in the cosplay world, it takes […]

Take It Or Leave It

An Introduction to the Modern-Day Masterpiece Quality Transformers Collectibles Line November 10, 2019 / HERETICPRIME / Collectibles, Guilty Pleasures, Pop Culture, Products and Services, Take it or leave it, Trending / No Comments ‘Chances are if you are in your late 30’s to 40’s then you recognise the above picture above as G1 (Generation One) Optimus […]