Founder/Owner/Chief Executive Officer

He's the founder, owner, and CEO. He's also the web designer, content provider, and site journalist. In fact, if you've ever read anything on this site, bought anything from it, or seen us at any event, you will find this man was intimately responsible in that experience. As always he is looking for people that want to help bring his vision to reality and help maintain the standards and services that make All Cool Things™ what it is today.

Rango the Merc

John Rinyu

Writer, Colomnist, and Content Provider

John Rinyu, aka Rango the Merc is a well known writer on several web pages and blogs. John Rinyu has been published on such sites as "Source Gaming" and "The Geek Getaway." John Rinyu is an avid gaming and anime enthusiast with his finger not only on the pulse of what's hot and on the horizon, but a dedicated insight on historic moments in otaku and gaming lifestyles. John Rinyu is also a professional and competitive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player.