Old Trenchy is a costumer and cosplayer that specialises in big armoured cosplays, as well as large and muscled characters.  In fact, Old Trenchy is the first notably and credibly truly prolific armour crafting costumer and cosplayer that I ever encountered.  Old Trenchy’s armour plating and padding work that he puts into his costumes is very impressive and have become towering masterpieces.  I think the first cosplay I saw of Old Trenchy was a picture of him as Optimus Prime, and I could only imagine the presence it must have commanded.  Something that I also think is impressive about Old Trenchy is that makes a point to use what he has on hand or what he has ready access to rather than ordering expensive materials and wowing with a costume with an extremely expensive build.  Unfortunately, Old Trenchy does not do commission work for the public.
This is the official Facebook page for PandaZMafia.  This might sound strange to the novice, but what truly attracted me to PandaZMafia’s cosplays was the work that she puts into making costumes look so durable.  Yes, I applaud their durability.  When PandaZMafia makes her costumes, they are uniforms.  When you look at the material of PandaZMafia’s She-Hulk or Zero Suit Samus Aran costumes, the very thickness even lends to the luster and sheen.  PandaZMafia’s Bison Cammy is one of the best Cammy costumes that I have ever seen!  The shoulder armour, gauntlets, and boots look tough and combat ready.  PandaZMafia also has a uniquely beautiful and adaptive body.  When PandaZMafia cosplays She-Hulk, she looks strong.  When she cosplays Zero Suit Samus Aran, PandaZMafia looks sleek.  When PandaZMafia cosplays Bison Cammy, she looks small, yet formidable.  When she cosplays as Morrigan Aensland, she has curves that Capcom forgot to give the original.
This is the official Instagram page for Arin Sinclair, also known as Charlotte Sinclair Cosplay.  Charlotte Sinclar Cosplay is a SoCal cosplayer and self-proclaimed dweeb and master of bad puns.  The thing that I love about Charlotte Sinclair Cosplay’s costumes is that they are cartoon correct!  The colours might not be exact as per live action or comic, but they WILL be spot on for the cartoon.  Examples of this excellent attention to cartoon detail include her Psylocke and Marceline the Vampire.  Overall I think she tends to cosplay as very feminine and pretty character and does enjoy the occasionally sexy cosplay as well.  Charlotte Sinclair Cosplay also also has a very exotic look to her which can appear Latin with some cosplays and Asian in others.  Charlotte Sinclair Cosplay also models.
This is the official Facebook page of cat and kitten lover, Cap Santiago.  Cap Santiago is a model, costumer, and cosplayer that has received many awards for the accuracy and detail of his various Marvel Comics superhero cosplays.  In fact, Cap Santiago has even worked with Marvel Comics in a professional capacity because of his superhero expertise.  One thing that he does have to match with his great costuming ability is that his body has been chiseled like a superhero, as well.  Who knows, maybe Marvel Comics will make him into a superhero, too?
This is the official Facebook page for Kaluohs.  No longer new to cosplaying, Kaluohs is not only a veteran because she “never outgrew playing dressup,” but is also an accomplished model and body paint cosplayer.  Kaluohs stands out from other cosplayers with her unique tendency to not just cosplay everybody’s favourites, but also obscure characters that stick out in a just a few people’s minds.  Kaluohs did the female Mangalore infiltrator’s cosplay, from “The Fifth Element,” and I felt special just for recognising it for what it was! (And yes, she did it WELL!) It’s like I’m in some secret cool club for figuring it out!  She is one of the few cosplayers that I wish I could give a grant to, to advance her craft.
We’re going to have to start a club of cosplayers that could replace their Marvel Studios counterparts!  Han Jones Cosplay, named after the two iconic Harrison Ford characters, is a cosplayer that specialises in movie and television characters.  One might think that this talented cosplayer might be USAmerican from his choice of characters, but Han Jones Cosplay is, in fact, French.  Upon meeting Han Jones Cosplay, it would be easy to assume that he started cosplay doing Captain America because of his striking resemblance to Chris Evans, and all of the coverage Han Jones Cosplay has garnered because of it, but he is cosplay veteran of close to 10 years.  Han Jones Cosplay, like most cosplayers, is multi-faceted and enjoys acting, singing, dancing, and illustrating.
This is the official DeviantArt page for Bae Ghoul, formerly Bby Chan Cosplay.  Bae Ghoul is a dancer and artist that is perfecting her crafts in Europe.  Bae Ghoul professes that she has a lot to learn about the costuming aspect of cosplay, but her dance training puts her on a top tier in the role playing side of it.  Already, Bae Ghoul is perhaps the best Spider-Gwen cosplayer on the face of the Earth, and her pics prove it.  I would LOVE to see Bae Ghoul perform cosplays as more ladies of action, just to see how far she could take them.
This the official Facebook page for the actor, photographer, and cosplayer, ThorTV.  ThorTV is primarily known as primary character cosplayer of Marvel Comics’s “The Mighty Thor.” In fact, he is one of a growning number of cosplayers to be known for a particular character that they do so well that the popular demand of the public would make you think that they ARE that character.  ThorTV is also a YouTuber and active cosplay mate with Loki Hates You.
This is the Facebook page of cosplayer and model, Tali XOXO.  While a lot of cosplayers also models, the feeling I get from Tali XOXO is that she is a professional model that got into cosplaying, but found out that she was extremely good at it as well, and thrived in it.  I think Tali XOXO’s modeling flair gives her a definite edge in cosplay.  There is also an industriousness to Tali XOXO that is very comparable to Yaya Han’s, both in the magnitude and vision in Tali XOXO’s costuming, and in her goal to become a brand name in cosplay and cosplay, as well.  With the right PR, marketing, and exposure, Tali XOXO could be another “ambassador of cosplay.” ‘Very promising.
This is the official homepage for Kassandra Leigh, a very talented photographer, alternative model, and cosplayer based out of New York.  I knew that Kassandra Leigh was a cosplayer, and I was not surprised to know that she also modeled.  While it is also not unusual for a cosplayer to be a photographer either, I was gobsmacked when I saw how superb a a photographer and model she was.  Just by looking at her work I can tell that she has passion and intuition for eroticism in many forms and fashions.  Being a person that did work in the “adult entertainment” community, I would be very interested in seeing her vision in a more prolonged medium, such as a coffee table book or video.  It is EXTREMELY rare to find a true erotic artist, and Kassandra Leigh IS one.
This is the official Facebook page for Miss Gidget.  Miss Gidget is a cosplayer in the New York/New Jersey area.  Along with the usual hobbies that most cosplayers share, Miss Gidget also enjoys writing, sewing, crafts, and physical training; the latter most notably contributes to her cosplaying style.  Miss Gidget tends to cosplay very fit and powerful characters, and her physique and flexibility lend themselves to her portrayals very well.
This is the official homepage of Magic Wheelchair.  The founders of Magic Wheelchair decided that they wanted to do something very special for the three of their five children that were bourne with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a unique form of Muscular Dystrophy.  To keep them from feeling left out from Trick or Treating they started making wheelchair friendly costumes that actually made them the envies of Halloween.  With this same desire to empower all children in wheelchairs, Magic Wheelchair was bourne.  Now all the children with wheelchair cosplay dreams can feel special, too.
This is the official Facebook page for Gina B. Cosplay.  Gina B. Cosplay is a master of luster:  Part of what makes a costume great is matching the the colours, textures of the materials and surface qualities so that the costume has the same brightness and sheen as we are used to seeing whether it’s from a cartoon, video game, or live action.  While most cosplayers strive for accuracy in detail, I think a lot of cosplayers, including the greats, do not understand the importance of luster.  She balances her crafting with her sensuality that is not as overt and blatant as many cosplayers, but natural and abundant, nonetheless.  Costumes of hers that especially capture medium luster include her Justice Leage:  War Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Sango from InuYasha, and Akuma from Street Fighter IV.
This is the official Burlesque in New York page for Maki Roll.  Maki Roll is a part of a growing number of burlesque performers to integrate her passion for costuming and cosplay with her art.  I thought that Maki Roll was just a burlesque performer that put on (and took off) costumes.  I was WRONG.  Maki Roll is the real deal, folks, with an impressive catalogue of cosplays.  Maki Roll incorporates all of her energy and charm into her cosplays and expresses it as only a performer can.  However, performing is not the only thing that Maki Roll is passionate about.  Maki Roll is a regular and very opinionated blogger, especially when giving an inside perspective on her jobs and hobbies that she enjoys.  Along with the usual cosplayer hobbies, Maki Roll also enjoys photography, go-go dancing, and WWE.
This is the official Facebook page for Holly Brooke.  Holly Brooke is an expert in costuming with body suits and corsets, which she uses to create very impressive superhero and character cosplays.  I like the detail, luster, and durability of them; she makes great choices in materials.  I would say that Holly Brooke’s costumes are a great compromise of the durability found in Pandazmafia Cosplay’s and luster of Gina B. Cosplay’s. (I think her Batgirl and Zero Suit Samus Aran show this very well.) I also think that Holly Brooke is very creative in some of the choices in her cosplays and how she reproduces both the details and spirit of her subjects with hair and makeup effects. (The hair and eye of her Turanga Leela and hair and makeup of her Ghost Rider display this.) Holly Brooke also works hard to achieve a career in veterinary medicine.
Holly Wolf is a world-wide internationally recognised professional model and cosplayer.  Holly Wolf has done work for Playboy, FHM, and Geek Fantasy.  Her accolades for Playboy include being named Playmate of the Year:  Czech 2014 and covergirl for Playboy Slovakia October of 2014.  For Geek Fantasy she received the honour of being the first ever covergirl and being named Geek Fantasy Woman of the Year 2015.  Holly Wolf travels extensively, promoting both her modeling career and her cosplaying lifestyle.  Holly Wolf works an exhausting and highly dedicated schedule and prefers to commission costumers and other cosplayers to collaborate with her on her cosplays.

Yuichi Shadow

When I first found out about Yuichi Shadow (formerly one of the many cosplayers known as Shadow Cosplay), I honestly thought that she was a man that walked straight off of the cover of a yaoi manga.  Yuichi Shadow’s work with makeup and wig styling is so spot on then when she cosplays as male characters.  They are the real thing, and as impressive as Yuichi Shadow’s makeup and wig styling skills are, Yuichi Shadow’s costuming skills are just as good, if not better.  As enterprising as she is skillfully creative, Yuichi Shadow also owns her own wig styling business and custom styles wigs on demand.  However, before you get out your credit card, Yuichi Shadow only does work for people in Europe.  Yuichi Shadow lives in Denmark.

This is the official Facebook page for Donttouchmymilk Cosplay.  I imagine that Donttouchmymilk Cosplay grew up on horror films and mind-stretching media like i did.  Also, like me, she grew up with the imagination and love of both things intact into her adulthood.  Well, that’s where it ends, because she is MUCH better than I am in translating that into cosplay.  Her makeup effects have to be seen to believed!  Her Sugarplum Fairy from “The Cabin in the Woods,” and Demon Nurse from Silent Hill 3 could give you nightmares or even kill you in your sleep!  Like most cosplayers, she has many sides, and also has some pretty nice family friendly cosplays including Mrs. Incredible from “The Incredibles,” and Penny from Inspector Gadget the cartoon series.  Donttouchmymilk Cosplay is a shining example of how cosplay is raising the bar on so many other arts because it encompasses so many.  I hope to see her making creature effects in movies, someday.
This is the official Facebook page for NightCold Creations.  NightCold Creations is a master of armour and hard surfaced costuming.  Whether it is steampunk builds with bolts and cogs, warrior armour , or high tech exoskeletons, NightCold Creations puts amazing detail into his costumes.  One of his most impressive armour pieces I have ever seen is of NightCold Creations’s Batman Beyond armour.  Made with what can only be high-impact materials, NightCold Creations’s Batman Beyond armour looks like you could really fight crime in it.  If you have not looked at his album of his Batman Beyond armour, then I strongly suggest you do.  NightCold Creations shows, step by step, the progress in which he made each piece of armour.  I’m hoping that he makes an appearance, here in the USA, but for now, if you want to see NightCold Creations’s work, you’ll have to go to his home in France.
Misa on Wheels’s Facebook page describes her as “New England’s most notable cosplayer on wheels,” but she is so much more.  Misa on Wheels is a role model for all people for full and positive living.  Her posts are always uplifting and inspirational, and her advice practical.  It is unknown if she really is the Misa from “Death Note,” but it should be noted how closely she looks like Ms. Amane, and she DOES have a Death Note.  And no, despite what you may have heard, Misa on Wheels is not a figurehead.  She is the real deal, and a beloved ambassador of cosplay.