This is the official Facebook entertainer page for Khainsaw.  I must confess that I do not know why I had not added Khainsaw to my Cool Links a long time ago.  If cosplay was a competitive sport, Khainsaw would be one of the cosplayers that has the heart, style, and ability to be one of the greats.  In fact, the only reason I think Khainsaw isn’t considered one of the greats is that she is not in one of the Meccas of cosplay like New York, Atlanta, or South California.  Khainsaw is equally adept at both bodysuit and cloth costumes.  Khainsaw’s costumes are not only accurate but well fitted.  Another thing that I also noticed about Khainsaw is that I don’t think there is any cosplayer out there that consistently works with so many other talented people.  When I say that, not only do I mean that a lot of Khainsaw’s photos are with other really good cosplayers, but she works with excellent photographers and editors; Khainsaw’s pictures are always sharp, crisp, and clean!  I dare you to find a bad picture of Khainsaw, even a selfie.  With all of these things said, I think that Khainsaw has great  taste in characters.  Khainsaw’s choices are diverse, vibrant, and well picked.  Khainsaw’s cosplays carry a presence, and and her joy in cosplay carries through as well.  As of late, Khainsaw seems to be indulging in lewd and boudoir modelling.
Lyonegra is an award winner and judge of cosplay in her home of Trinidad and Tobago, as well as the Caribbean.  As a cosplayer, Lyonegra has always been very daring in her craft, daring to create complex creature effects such as gaping maws and severed heads to compliment her accurately made cosplays.  Now Lyonegra creates these for others as creator, owner, and chief costume fabricator of Lyonegra Costuming, a premiere costume, prosthesis, and creature effects creator of cosplay for commission.  Lyonegra is a strong advocate for environmental conservation and teaches physics, while also studying photography.
Walkin’ & Rollin’ Costumes is a non-profit organisation very similar to Magic Wheelchair, in spirit.  Walkin’ & Rollin’ Costumes provides costumes for children in wheelchairs through partnerships and donations.  In fact, for their first Halloween, Walkin’ & Rollin’ Costumes started a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of raising $1,000.00 for five costumes.  They met their goal in two days and managed to make over $3,000.00 for many more costumes that year.  In fact, Walkin’ & Rollin’ Costumes depends heavily on the work and dedication of hundreds of volunteers and the kindness and charity of others to provide these costumes for cosplay for no cost to the families of the children that receive them!
This is the official Tumblr modeling page of the cosplayer and alternative model known as Pigeon Foo.  I was actually blessed to see Pigeon Foo at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015 as the cutest and most beautiful Lilith (Darkstalkers) I have ever seen.  Pigeon Foo is also known for her Magick (New Mutants) and Harley Quinn (Batman) cosplays.  Pigeon Foo is a respected and well-known model in in alternative, fetish, and geek communities, working with Kassandra Leigh, Vengeance Designs, and Hollow 2.5.  In fact, Pigeon Foo not only works with Hollow 2.5, but is also the model liaison for NookieCutter, which is his brainchild.  Pigeon Foo is also a very well known and respected in some circles for her fetish pornography. (You can view Kassandra Leigh’s and Nookiecutter’s entries in our Links section in their appropriate sections.
Sidekick Cosplay is a cosplaying duo in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Sidekick Cosplay consists of Jillian, and her dog, Teddy.  I had never seen an exclusive human/dog partnership in cosplay, and was pleasantly surprised by what I learned about Sidekick Cosplay.  Sidekick Cosplay loves to give advice on cosplaying with pets and animals. Sidekick Cosplay also enjoys making appearances at birthday parties, classroom show-and-tells, and hospital visits.  While Sidekick Cosplay has a deep connection and devotion to cosplay, Sidekick Cosplay has an even deeper partnership than that.  Teddy is also a service dog, family member, and friend to Jillian.  Yes, Sidekick Cosplay is a family act.  When not cosplaying, Sidekick Cosplay enjoys their business venture, Dream It, where they and other performers do parties and shows for the public!
This is the official Facebook page for Panterona Cosplay.  Panterona Cosplay was an excellent costumer and makeup artist, but has really been perfecting her hair as of late.  Panterona Cosplay’s costumes pay great attention to detail, especially with ornaments and jewelry.  Some cosplayers gain my respect by choosing difficult cosplays, seldom chosen characters, or unique interpretations or mashups.  Panterona Cosplay’s gift is that she is just as likely to cosplay characters outside her race and sex, as within.  Cosplays that really show off her skills are Queen Akasha from “Queen of the Damned,” Prisoner Loki from “Thor: Dark World,” and Cammy White from the Street Fighter sereis.  She also does a great job with her original characters like Kuro Kaze.
Pink Justice Cosplay is a cosplay troupe of beginners that uses their combined backgrounds and passions to make almost any cosplay possible.  Pink has experience in painting and leather working, with some in sewing.  Jace is an armour crafter and prop maker bourne of a love in LARPing.  Tora is a new costumer that shows great promise and is quickly learning her craft.  Together, they are able to make costumes beyond each others’ solo skills and make some very masterful creations.
Gravimetric Rush sets herself apart from other cosplayers by her adventurous nature in choosing subjects.  Gravimetric Rush may not usually cosplay flashy main characters, but every character she does cosplay is an awesome choice because she makes it so.  I had never seen someone cosplay Rita Repulsa before I saw hers, and it was brilliant.  Other cosplays that Gravimetric Rush has done, include Short Round, Scooby-Doo, The Clawed Girl, Yung Hee, and Marvin the Martian.  While I have seen Power Girl done many times, I have never seen the version that Gravimetric Rush chose to do, which is more than just a leotard with gloves, a cape, and the Boob Window.  Gravimetric Rush made an anime Jawa cosplay and the cutest Ewok I’ve ever seen.  Gravimetric Rush is that special kind of cosplayer that has great costuming aesthetics and a creative sense of choice, and uses her skills on characters that not only suit her, but those some might think do not to make them hers.
Trey Maxx is a master armour costumer.  My first encounter with Trey Maxx’s work was his now-famous Deathstroke the Terminator cosplay, and I was blown away.  Not only did it look like it was battle ready, it looked like it had been through some.  Trey Maxx’s armour work is right up there with NightCold Creations, but where NightCold Creations’s work is small in detail and insanely smooth, Trey Maxx seems to prefer the appearance of armour that is meant for straight up durability and getting the job done.  In fact, I would say that his choice of armour is somewhere between that of NightCold Creations and Old Trenchy.  But don’t think that Trey Maxx is all “metalhead.” He can also throw down with props, weapons, masks, and cloth costumes, and his Skeletor cosplay shows this.  In fact, Trey Maxx’s Skeletor and Havoc Staff are the best I’ve ever seen.  Trey Maxx is truly a master in his work.
This is the official Facebook page of Keltonfx, formerly known as Kelton.  The first cosplay I saw of Keltonfx’s was of Shinichi Izumi, from Parasyte, and he pulled it off eerily and brilliantly.  Keltonfx has made creative gender bender cosplays such as Poison Oak (Poison Ivy from Batman), Morrigan Aensland (my personal favourite), and perhaps his most famous one, The King of Blades (Kerrigan from Starcraft II).  Keltonfx is a master of cosmetic prosthesis, body casts/suits, and creature/makeup effects, all of which Keltonfx usually prepares, himself.  While Keltonfx gets his inspiration from all forms of media, but I have noticed that he has a keen liking for characters from the Blizzard Entertainment universe.  Blizzard Entertainment:  ‘Word to the wise – You better snatch Keltonfx up now, before he becomes obscenely famous!  He would make an invaluable conceptual creator, as well as BlizzCon head and promoter.  He’s already one of your best promoters and he isn’t even on the payroll.
Blue-Cereal was a very friendly, lovely, and talented costumer and cosplayer from Atlanta, Georgia.  On October 18, 2015, on an early Sunday morning, Blue Cereal’s life was tragically cut short, along with her very bright future.  Blue-Cereal had one of the most delightfully contagious smiles that was only surpassed by her laughter.  Blue-Cereal was just as comfortable cosplaying cute and cuddly characters as she was with sultry and sexy ones.  Blue-Cereal was a very ornament and accessory oriented costumer, that enjoyed cosplaying in things like wings, halos, ears, tails, and other adornments.  I know that I, like many other folks in Georgia, feel a void in her absence, and lament the fact that we will never see her in conventions like Anime Weekend Atlanta again.  RIP Blue-Cereal:  “Lucky Charms 4 Life.”
This is the official Facebook page for Becka Noel.  Becka Noel is a costumer, cosplayer, blogger, and entrepreneur that not only fulfills commissions for costumes and props, but sells crafts, her own line of makeup, and original art.  Becka Noel seems to prefer costumes that are armour based, or with armour accents and highlights, which go very well with her props and weapons.  Of her fellow armourers in the costuming and cosplay community, I would say that she seems to prefer medieval styled armour with nice raised embellishments, but is also proficient in high tech styled armour, as well.  I have also been impressed with Becka Noel’s leather working as of late.  Becka Noel is extremely talented and deserving of recognition for her myriad skills.
This is the homepage of the cosplayer known as Dhareza Cosplayza, whom I consider the Master of Mashup Cosplay!  Dhareza Cosplayza was a creative director for Pulse Creative, and whom’s clients included Disney, Sony Music Entertainment, and CNET. Dhareza Cosplayza is also a photographer and gamer. Dhareza Cosplayza seems to prefer armouring in his costuming. While Dhareza Cosplayza is exceptional at this, what truly sets him apart is his drive to not be content with merely reproducing armoured characters, but also remaking them as alternate versions and mashups. In fact, Dhareza Cosplayza is the creator of Captain Spider-Man, who has been duplicated by other cosplayers. While I think most people like Dhareza Cosplayza’s Captain Spider-Man, Armored Batman, or Samurai Deathstroke cosplays, best, I have to say my personal favourite is Spartan Batman. There’s something about it that is just so bad-assed, and if there was anyone that do Leonidas’s job, maybe even better, who who else but Batman?
This is the homepage for NadyaSonika.  The first cosplay that I saw of NadyaSonika’s was of a gender bender Vega.  It was a beautiful interpretation with flawless hair, makeup, and armour embellishment.  Like many of the great and internationally recognised cosplayers of the world, NadyaSonika has a tremendous catalogue of completed costumes.  NadyaSonika judges, and has judged many cosplay contests at conventions all over the world.  NadyaSonika also blogs, and discusses cosplay and her other passions, like video games and prop making.  NadyaSonika is a serious cosplayer who wishes to promote cosplay as a viable and respectable art.
Mommy and Me Cosplay is a cosplay troupe made up of Don Quijote, Dominique Skye, and their families.  Mommy and Me Cosplay were normal everyday people until a family friend had the impetus to do what they hadn’t, yet, and took them to their first convention.  That trip created a family love affair with costuming and cosplay.  Mommy and Me Cosplay caught my attention with their FLAWLLESS Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman cosplays from “Batman Returns.” Don Quijote’s was the battle ravaged version and her two daughters had perfect pristine versions of the catsuit.  As for Dominique Skye, she has broken the internet with her own cosplays like her Mera, Lady Loki, and Bowsette.  While Don Quijote and Dominique Sky of Mommy and Me Cosplay do the lion’s share of costuming and crafting, their families are also learning the craft, and make some of their own pieces.  Mommy and Me Cosplay not only enjoy sharing their craft, but also the works of other cosplayers of all notoriety.  Cosplay has already shown that it can unite races, sexes, religions, and nationalities.  Mommy and Me Cosplay shows it can bridge the gap between generations.
This is the official homepage of kwok-hei “KEI” mak, or Keigo Mak, as he is perhaps best known.  Keigo Mak is not just a costumer and cosplayer, but a published graphic designer and illustrator.  While Keigo Mak works with jumpsuits and armour pieces, like many talented costumers, my favourite piece of his is neither.  His Venom, from the Marvel Universe, takes the cake.  Keigo Mak’s Venom isn’t a bodysuit.  It is a stretchy rubbery encasing, simulating the actual state of the Symbiote as it takes a host.  I’m not even sure how he keeps it on, but it’s a brilliant costume that makes for a brilliant cosplay.  I am waiting for this guy to skyrocket in his success in all of this works.
This is the official Facebook page for Pisara Cosplay.  I cannot stress how uniquely talented Pisara Cosplay is.  Pisara Cosplay is actually a native of Thailand that lives in The States.  Pisara Cosplay makes her own costumes and is extremely adept at makeup and wig designing and can be commissioned for work.  If you’ve read a lot of my cosplay entries, you can tell that besides skills, I also hold cosplayers’ choices of cosplay as a very important part of their talent.  Pisara Cosplay chooses male characters for the most of her cosplays, and I don’t mean gender bent or sexy versions.  She actually does fully faithfully reproduced male cosplays, much like Yuichi Shadow.  Pisara Cosplay is a master of open shirt binding, which is something that I had only seen Yume-tan do, so some of them are even open shirt.  Lastly, Pisara Cosplay may usually choose to cosplay male characters, but she also has some sexy female characters in her repertoire.
I think Hendo Art is one of the most well rounded of cosplayers.  Hendo Art cosplays comic book, movie, and some video game characters.  Hendo Art enjoys making faithful recreations, but also displays versatility in alternates, mashups, and gijinkas.  Because of Hendo Art’s wide range of character types, Hendo Art works with cloth, leather, jump suits, and some armour.  Lots of costumers work with many materials and make props as well, but Hendo Art is unique because she often makes animal companions to aid her in her cosplay, like Lockheed for her Kitty Pryde, and various birds for her Disney and comic book characters.  Hendo Art is also a superlative model.  While most cosplayers do model, and many of them are very good at being expressive, Hendo Art also possesses the rare gift of “stillness.” I am sure that this ability enables her to make the more dangerous poses, like as Spider-Gwen.
This is the official Pinterest page for Toria Costuming, Design & Cosplay.  As the name implies, Toria is the designer for the costumes and props she makes and cosplays.  A California based cosplayer, Toria is fairly new to the cosplay scene, attending her first convention in 2014.  As an award-winning designer who specializes in original designs, Toria has a very unique style.  A lot of Toria’s best cosplay interpretations seem to embody both the aesthetics and functionality 1940’s, 1950’s, and sometimes older eras.  Toria’s approach to gender benders have a modest approach to feminising that stills remains true to the spirit of the original.  There’s also an old film grandness to Toria’s cosplays.  On the hobby side, Toria is a multi-disciplined dancer who also performs in musical theatre, a trapshooter, and archer.  Toria’s arts and disciplines are not only fueled by creativity, but a keen love of design and competition:  (2011-2015) ACF Best of Show:  Clothing and Textiles for Design, Construction and Technique, 2015 WonderCon Best Original Design, 2015 Stan Lee’s Junior Cosplay National Champion, 2016 NorCal Cosies Top 3 Division Winner — Instagram:  @Toria_Cosplay, Twitter:  @ToriaCosplay
This is the official Facebook page for Nikki Nevermore.  Nikki Nevermore is a costumer and cosplayer, but her true passion is modeling.  I think that Nikki Nevermore has very unique and fine features, that make her very photogenic.  It’s as if she stepped out of a comic book penciled by one of the greats of the Modern Age, like Jim Lee, Alan Silvestri, or Alan Davis.  Nikki Nevermore is exceptionally beautiful in all of her work, but I find her profile especially striking.  Nikki Nevermore prefers science fiction and fantasy themed projects, but enjoys any that allow for self-expression and vibrant colours.  This, combined with her natural beauty, makes for some very nice shots.  Nikki Nevermore’s other hobbies closely related to cosplay include makeup, crafting, and dancing.  In her other spare time, also enjoys hand sketching, hula hooping, and making friends with animals.