This is the official Facebook page of Ivy Doomkitty.  Ivy Doomkitty carved a niche for herself in the cosplay community because of her stance on body confidence.  At one time she was overly self-conscious of her body, and was initially reluctant to start cosplaying.  What she found out was that people not only embraced her exotic, curvaceous, and buxom body, but respected her creativity in cosplay as well.  Also a bellydancer, Ivy Doomkitty is a bourne performer who takes great photo shoots in unique locations.  Ivy Doomkitty has earned her place as one of the ambassadors of cosplay with the example that she sets for cosplayers everywhere.
This the official Instagram page of Rose Noir. Rose Noir is a gothique and alternative model and performer.  Rose Noir is also a vocalist and poet.  Rose Noir also takes pride in crafting jewelry and unusual costume accessories.  Rose Noir is a gamer, like many cosplayers, but especially loves RPG’s.  Rose Noir cosplays and models as many things, usually dark.  She is best known for her Purgatori cosplays.
This is the official Facebook page for BelleChere:  veteran cosplayer.  I remember seeing her Mam’selle Hepzibah cosplay back in the MySpace days and having my jaw drop.  BelleChere’s costumes have always had a charm to them. Even when BelleChere’s reproduced costumes may have deviated a little from the original, the deviations have always suited her style and body.  BelleChere does a lot of superhero and supervillain cosplays, and therefore does a lot of work with various materials, turning them into all sorts of leotard and jumpsuit-like costumes. BelleChere also armourcrafts for accents on her costumes.  I think that BelleChere truly shows her cosplay mastery with her “body work.” BellChere’s cosplays alway have flawless hair body paint jobs, such as her She-Hulk, Lady Death, and Mam’selle Hepzibah.  BelleChere is a makeup artist and produces very realistic makeup effects.  BelleChere also has a lot of practical knowledge as to negotiating fantasy with reality such as keeping costumes in place on the human body where gravity and movement would compromise them, as with her Goblin Queen (Marvel) and Vampirella (Dynamite).  She is a true sweetheart and graciously donates half of her sales to Hero Initiative.
This is the Facebook page for Alyson Tabbitha.  Alyson Tabbitha gained YouTube fame after her cosplay of Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) went viral.  However, Alyson Tabbitha has earned her continued respect in the cosplay community by displaying great skills in makeup, makeup affects, hair, and costuming.  Even before her Edwards Scissorhands cosplay was complete and she was only posting the makeup tests, I was blown away.  That being said, I do not want you to think Alyson Tabbitha slouches in the costuming department, either.  Alyson Tabbitha appears to prefer working with heavier fabrics and leathers, and the end result is a truly sturdy and authentic looking costume.  Besides Captain Jack Sparrow, Alyson Tabbitha has also made flawless cosplays of Vincent Valentines (Final Fantasy VII), Gaara (Naruto), and the Female Titan (Attack on Titan).
This is the official Facebook page of Griffin Cosplay:  A Dayton, Ohio native, and all around great guy!  Griffin Cosplay writes for, and is also the founder of Fighters Cause, a charity organisation of cosplayers that give back to the community.  Griffin Cosplay does a lot of great comic book characters in his cosplays, and seems to have an attraction to strong and gritty characters with awesome bodysuits and helmets.  Well, that’s a good thing, because Griffin Cosplay is great at costuming the bodysuits and armour, and has a really great eye for making the headgear, as well.
This is the official Instagram page for Hailey S Cosplay, aka ComicCon Cutie Hailey.  She, like Griffin Cosplay, is a part of Fighters Cause, a charitable group of cosplayers and fighting game enthusiasts.  Hailey S Cosplay has a skill, beauty, and keenness of eye for cosplay, plus sincerity and modesty.  Like so many other cosplayers, Hailey S Cosplay is a natural when it comes to gender bending cosplays, but I think her best qualities as a cosplayer is her ability to make grand and beautiful gijinkas and to model herself in those cosplays.  I know that I mentioned Hailey S Cosplay’s beauty before, but her presence and modeling charisma makes her sexy, adorable, and unreal at the same time.  If you don’t believe me, Hailey S Cosplay has PLENTY of pictures up from her many very professional shoots that she has done.  In fact, Hailey S Cosplay has become one of the mistresses of sexy cosplays!  Oh, and before you think about any funny business, just know that Hailey S Cosplay is an avid weapons collector, and is very familiar with handling her steel!  Hailey S Cosplay does fetish, lewd, and nude modeling as well.
Variable is an Australian cosplayer and one of the first cosplayers I met online in my endeavour to list and catalogue all of the cosplayers that I thought were special in the budding cosplay world.  There is a softness to her cosplays, which is probably a projection from her, as even her more “serious” cosplays still carry her soft charm.(Although I think the vast majority of her cosplay choices tend to be cute or beautiful, in themselves.) On her site you can shop her store, look at her blog, and follow her on her myriad social media accounts.
This is the official Facebook page for Shikabane-Hime.  Shikabane-Hime is an extremely active convention attending cosplayer in Northern California.  Shikabane-Hime caught my attention with her Chun Li cosplay; I was impressed and charmed in an instant! Since then, Shikabane-Hime has grown a lot as a cosplayer, making alternate versions of characters, as well as some really great gender bender cosplays.  Shikabane-Hime does not craft armour or a lot of props, but does great work on bodysuits and other things that comic book superheroes tend to wear.  Shikabane-Hime is also very good with some creature effects and body paints.  Shikabane-Hime’s best cosplay, in my opinion, to date, is her Nightcrawler, from The Uncanny X-Men, which some might argue is genderbent, but has no female specific alterations or interpretations; it is merely well-made in fit, detail, and cosmetic effects.  I would love to see her progress and try some prop and armour crafting, in the future, and expand on her creature effect skills, as well.
This is the official Facebook page of Lonstermash.  He is a comedian, actor, and cosplayer that uses all of his talents to compliment the others.  He’s great guy with a sense of humour and personality to match!  Also, he has to be the best Hugh Jackman Wolverine impersonator in the world!  I mean, Heaven forbid if Hugh Jackson bites the big one.  Lonstermash could take over, ‘no problem and half the people watching wouldn’t even notice, and the other half wouldn’t care!  Not content to be a one trick pony, Lonstermash makes his own cosplays and has quite a few others that he is known for like his “T2” Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 T-800 Terminator, Rocky Balboa, and his many variations of Wolverine, like  Jedi Wolverine, Santa Claws, and Old Man Logan.
This is the official Facebook page for Micheal “Knightmage” Wilson.  Knightmage has only been cosplaying since 2012, but you wouldn’t know it from the quality of his work and passion in what he does.  He is a stuntman that works in film, and off, but there’s more!  He is a 19 year veteran deputy sheriff that finds the time to do REAL charity work in the name of cosplay.  I don’t mean donating a portion of money from prints to a cause, but actually doing good deeds like helping to pay off layaways at Toys R Us in time for Christmas, and being a part of fellow activist and cosplayer, Griffin Cosplay’s, Fighters Cause.  He is as close to a true superhero with a cape as I have ever seen!  Knightmage seems to work mostly with cloth, but has been known to work with armour and creature effects, as seen in his Cyborg and his Candyman. (His Candyman almost made me drop my camera.  He’s going to haunt people’s dreams with that one!)
Peach Milky Tea is more than a an otaku and cosplayer that enjoys kawaii lolita fashion.  Peach Milky Tea is a Westerner living the life in Japan that likes to share her tips on fashion, food, cosplay, and other things.  It is hard not to compare her to Venus Angelic, but she is much more than a pretty face. Peach Milky Tea is also a clothing, decorations, accessory, and graphic designer who sells her original creations.
This is the official Facebook Actor/Director page for Mick Morgana Ignis.  I usually write the descriptions myself, but she frames herself in her own words, that I would be doing Mick Morgana Ignis a grave injustice in finding the words, myself. “I’m Mick (Morgana) Ignis, somewhat professional acting type person.  Portrayer of perplexing people, mystifying monsters, and all that lays in between.  As an actor of unusual slenderness and a penchant for surreal and contorted movement, I have the remarkable opportunity to portray an endless amount of fantastical, and often terrifying, creatures.  Both human and not-so-human.  Each character is a collaboration between myself and a number of highly talented practical effects artists on a mission to bring something unique, unexpected, and unforgettable in to the world.”  Okay, ‘that being said:  Mick Morgana Ignis is effing brilliant!  As soon as I first saw her work, I knew that Mick Morgana Ignis was professional grade talent!  Mick Morgana Ignis is one of those cosplayers that is beyond top tier.  Mick Morgana Ignis is legendary!
Maid of Might is a California cosplayer who gets tremendous inspiration for her craft from comics, Disney, and Star War, and the other fandoms that she collects from.  Maid of Might does otaku cosplay; her inspiration is 100% Americana.  However, what makes Maid of Might stand out, in my opinion, is her imagination and sense of fusion that she uses in her Disney princess/Slave Leia mash-ups.  Maid of Might Cosplay is also an enchanting model.
This is the official Facebook page for mother and daughter cosplayers, MewPuff and MiniPuff CosSlay.  MewPuff has made some impressive cosplays, most of which seem to do with brutal fighting characters.  Despite her cosplay, she is in fact prone to making silly videos and sharing them with her followers.  Memorable cosplays include Lady Spawn, Fem Noob Siabot, and Predator Huntress.
This is the official page of Freijya:  UK based cosplayer, costumer, and prop maker.  Frejjya does a lot of costuming with jumpsuits and latex-like materials and cosplays primarily as comic book superheroes.  She does great prop crafting and was the first cosplayer I’ve ever seen to make a believable three dimensional maneuver device from Attack on Titan.  My favourite cosplays of Frejjya’s are her Angela (Marvel) and her gender bent versions of Kid Flash (DC) and The Vision (Marvel).
If you can believe it, JSG Cosplay used to be concerned about how people perceived her for her love of cosplay, but she has earned a loyal internet following.  Her favourite cosplay is that of May “Mayday” Parker’s alter-ego, and may I say that she does it very well.  However, my fan favourite cosplays of JSG Cosplay include her Starfleet Vulcan and Raven of the Teen Titans show.  JSG Cosplay is into education and fitness, and hopes to break into the movie business. JSG Cosplay is also a very nice and funny person that takes time to talk to her fans and admirers.  Prints and posters are offered on her Facebook as well.
This is the official Facebook page for comedian,  Robert Franzese, also known as Real Life Peter Griffin.  Real Life Peter Griffin is a cosplayer and the foremost impersonator of You-Know-Who!  Unbeknownst to many is that his Sergeant Slaughter impersonation is equally impressive, down to the chin and point!  The thing that best describes this cosplayer is that he genuinely loves to make people smile!
This is the official Facebook public page of Loki Hates You.  Not since Lonstermash have I seen such awesome impersonating actor that captures all of the charisma of the original!  If he and Lonstermash went out on the town, they’d get blinded by paparazzi.  Loki Hates You also pairs up with ThorTV, quite regularly, and has great comedic synergy.  In fact, I think it could be said with no stretch of the imagination that Marvel Studios took that chemistry and retooled Thor and Loki in their films after it; the brothers are no longer enemies, but arguing siblings that still care for each other, deep down inside.  Loki hates You is also a member of Nerdbot, a group of kindred spirits that celebrate “The Nerd Side of Life.” I would really like to see Loki Hates You expand his performance presence into the Big and Little Screens.
This is the official homepage for Ivy Tenebrae.  Ivy Tenebrae is a costumer, cosplayer, and specialty model from the UK.  She models fetish and geek sheek, but has also begun to explore an interest behind the camera.  Besides being a published model, she also takes the time to host a Twitch channel, and yes, she does have special place in her heart for video games, latex, and zombies, alike.
This is the official Flickr page for Drossel Tira, also known as Tira Eiserne Drossel.  Drossel Tira is a university student from Milan, Italy that has been cosplaying for four years, as of this entry.  Drossel Tira has a very unique variety of cosplays she portrays, and puts a lot of great work into her costumes and makeup.  What I also found very refreshing is that she not only has a knack for creativity in her cosplays, but that she also has a great sense of realistic balance in her female versions of cosplays without the need to over-sexualise them.  A great example of this is her Forsworn cosplay from The Elder Scrolls. (I have no doubt that if Yaya Han had done that cosplay that the front would have a “V” cut in it, down to her stomach.) Drossel Tira is a very kind, but very private person.  She appreciates her fans as a cosplayer, but also enjoys her private life.