Vermilion Cosplay (not to be confused with Vermilion Cosplays) is a German costumer and cosplayer.  Vermilion Cosplay does her own makeup, hair, wig-styling, costuming, and crafting; whatever else needs done, her significant other helps.  Vermilion Cosplay is an armour crafter that makes great heavy looking topical armour with heavy cloth and hide-wear underneath.  Vermilion Cosplay carries herself as if she would be perfectly comfortable on the battlefield.  Not a thing about her would appear out of place.  As mentioned before, Vermilion Cosplay does style wigs, but she is not afraid to have her hair cut and styled for the right effects, either.  Vermilion Cosplay is an established talent in cosplay with an impressive catalogue, and I’m sure that there are many more masterfully done armours, props, and weapons to come.
This is the official Facebook page for Corey Morgan – Straight Outta Cosplay, who is actually one of a family cosplay duo, with his daughter, Noelle.  Corey Morgan – Straight Outta Cosplay cosplays as a lot of superheroes, and is perhaps best known for one of his choices of costuming:  body paints! Rather than donning a mask or building prosthetic coverings, Corey Morgan – Straight Outta Cosplay and Noelle sometimes have detailed masks or goggles painted on their face, or even chrome armoured cybernetics etched in highly detailed paint onto their arms. (Noelle’s Winter Soldier cosplay is an excellent example of this technique.) Corey Morgan – Straight Outta Cosplay designs all of his superhero jackets/body suits, and has them specially made just for him.  Certain prosthetic and prop components to his cosplay are done by Corey Morgan – Straight Outta Cosplay, himself.  Noelle does her own costuming. Corey Morgan – Straight Outta Cosplay and Noelle attend conventions and meet up with lots other cosplayers for pictures and photo sets.
I do not think I am alone when I say that many times I come across one cosplay that turns me on to the work of a cosplayer.  For Eveille Cosplay, it was her cosplay of Storm from The X-Men.  It was the classic 70’s-80’s Storm that I first fell in love with when I started reading The Uncanny X-Men.  Not only was Eveille Cosplay’s costume spot on, but her spirit and poise were as well; Eveille Cosplay WAS Storm.  ‘Fierce, regal, powerful, and beautiful.  It is always a pleasure to see cosplays that bring beloved characters to life, and makes the fanboy in me that used to consider Disney World a holy place swoon.  Eveille Cosplay cosplays as a wide range of characters from all genres of fandoms.  When it comes to her costuming, Eveille Cosplay appears to prefers seam work with cloth and other lighter materials rather than armour, latex, or heavy leather, and is quite the seamstress, with impressive mage cosplays, as well as gowned gijinkas.  Like several cosplayers today, Eveille Cosplay’s interests are not just in front of the camera.  Eveille Cosplay has shot sets in such conventions as AnimeUSA, ColossalCon, and New York Comic Con.
It is not so often that I encounter a cosplayer with such astounding talent, creativity, and presence.  I was immediately floored by Elena Samko Cosplay’s Facebook page.  Elena Samko Cosplay is a mystic, spiritualist, hedonist, nihilist, and seeker of truth and adventure.  Elena Samko Cosplay is inspired by the supernatural, dark, sexy, disturbing, and psychological, and uses her considerable skills in costuming, makeup, and showmanship to create and recreate haunting, alluring, funny, and/or bizarre characters from all types of fandoms in all genres and mediums of entertainment.  If you didn’t think it possible for Elena Samko Cosplay to be all of those things in one cosplay, then you have not seen her as The Lusty Argonian Maid from the Elder Scrolls series!  As far as costuming, Elena Samko Cosplay is an excellent seamstress and tailor, and also works with latex and lighter leathers.  Elena Samko Cosplay’s makeup effects allow her to cosplay in all manners of genre and styles, but truly shines in horror.  Elena Samko Cosplay also models in many other styles, including Fetish, Gothique, and Steampunk.  Like many cosplayers, Elena Samko Cosplay is a regular presence on social media, like Twitch.
This is the official website for Caitlin R. Dickens, or as she is known in the cosplay community, Contagious Costuming.  Caitlin R. Dickens had been a seamstress her entire life, but started costuming and cosplaying several years ago.  Caitlin R. Dickens is an award winning cosplayer and brand ambassador who enjoys learning new things from her fellows.  Caitlin R. Dickens is also the producer and art director for Contagious Media Productions.  I think that one of the things that makes Caitlin R. Dickens stand out is that she is one of those great costumers that can design and fit her costumes specifically to her body in just the right way that they seem to change to the proportions of the different characters she portrays.  I saw her Enchantress, Emma Frost, Gamora, Magik, X-23 Wolverine, and Black Widow, and I honestly thought they were different people that worked for Contagious Costuming; she’s that good.  While Caitlin R. Dickens does usually do her own props, she gets occasional help from her friend Austin, and Death Ray Designs.
I consider cosplayers some of the greatest performers alive because they are usually the total package:  talented not only in performing arts, but also in costuming.  ‘Sometimes engineering, blacksmithing, and other things as well.  ‘But every now and them, even for them, there are some that stand out in the pinnacle of the craft; Jannet Incosplay is one of those cosplayers.  When Jannet Incosplay cosplays she can look just like a resin figure.   Jannet Incosplay takes painstaking measures to look subject accurate in her cosplay to chilling detail, including in hair and makeup, not only wig styling, but wig making.  In fact, she even creates wigs by commission.  I think that more than anything, Jannet Incosplay’s skill in wig making and styling is truly superlative!  That, plus Jannet Incosplay’s striking beauty truly stand out in her cosplays, at least it did in the first cosplay that I ever saw of hers (Goku).  Jannet Incosplay is the a total package of total packages.
This is the official website of Xavier, an Atlanta based cosplayer that got his handle from Charles Xavier of the X-Men.  Xavier is costumer and crafter that grew up in California, and immersed himself in comics and its heroes and villains.  Xavier is not only driven to improve and spread the love of his art, but to represent it as a Black geek; something that is finally being accepted without much pause in today’s scene.  It is easy to see that his passion in cosplay lies in armour and weapon crafting, and his skills have brought him to the attention of the juggernauts of that world, including Marvel Studios, Legendary Pictures, Weta Workshop, and SyFy, where he even won an episode of Cosplay Melee as an original Star Wars inspired character.  Xavier is one of the fixtures in Atlanta that is helping to define it as a Mecca to Cosplay to not only the country, but to the world.
This is the official Facebook page of Aoime, a cosplayer from Hungary.  Aoime is master armour, weapons, and prop crafter.  Aoime cosplays a variety of characters, but appears partial to armoured magical girls and well ornamented magical warriors.  Aoime is a true Jill of All Trades when it comes to cosplay, with equally great makeup, hair, wig styling, costuming, and crafting skills.
This is the official Facebook page for the Egg Sisters.  The Egg Sisters are definitely two of the most talented cosplayers that I have ever come across online.  Their creature effects are extraordinary!  I have never seen such a great use of neon colouring combined with complete and precise detail.  The Egg Sisters’ more conventional creature effects are just as great.  The Egg Sisters are also master crafters of prodigious armour and weapons, crafting giant detailed pieces from both medieval and futuristic themes.  At this moment I do not think they boast such impressive portfolios as other cosplayers that have become superstars, but there are probably only a small percentage of cosplayers out there that put as much skill and perfection into their cosplays as the Egg Sisters.  Great examples of their work right now include their World of Warcraft Forsaken Rogue, Final Fantasy XIV Garuda, and Overwatch Blackgardt.
This is the official website of Saphira Cosplay, a Portuguese cosplayer living in the UK.  Saphira Cosplay is what I call a Jill of All Trades, but if I had to describe her skills, I would say that Saphira Cosplay graduated from Cosplay University with a major in Engineering with a concentration in Accessories, Trinkets, and Crystals.  Saphira Cosplay’s costumes show work in all of the major groups, but really excels in tinkering and producing accessories.  In fact, she sells her very unique accessories on her page.  ‘Want to propose with a Pokemon jewelry box?  ‘Ever wanted a black Kyber Crystal for your lightsaber?  Perhaps your Pickachu amiibo needs some sprucing up?  Saphira Cosplay has you covered.
This is the Facebook page for Aokiji Cosplay.  Aokiji Cosplay has all of the presence and chiseled good looks of a gentleman model.  That plus his masterful skills in makeup, hair, and wig styling make for a great combination in a cosplayer.  Where most male cosplayers are either covered in heavy armour and props, or rely on twinkish or rugged good looks, Aokiji Cosplay takes more after his female counterparts in his refined skills sets.  His costumes are beautifully accurate and his hair and makeup are on point.  Aokiji Cosplay is also a chameleon of sorts playing imposing figures such as Xerxes, beautiful characters like Whis, and mythically breathtaking djinn and gods.  For those interested, Aokiji Cosplay does commission work as well.
If you get the sense of being in the presence of a thespian and theatre person when you meet Canvas Cosplay, then you are correct.  Also known in the theatre world as Philip Odango, Canvas Cosplay is a theatre manager, director, and producer, not to mention award winning cosplayer.  Canvas Cosplay has shown experience with working with ancient types of armour crafting and weapons, but I am a fan of his tailored robes and capes.  Canvas Cosplay is a true example of why I consider cosplayers “greatest of performers.” He just happens to have a leg up on most cosplayers because he is classically trained and experienced in capturing that great acting presence and feeling of authenticity and suspension of disbelief that amateurs thirst for.  When not expanding on his considerable cosplaying skills, Canvas Cosplay shares his expertise with his fellows.  Bravo, Canvas Cosplay.  Bravo.
By now you’ve probably come across a lot of bodybuilding and fitness cosplayers, expecially if they are male.  However, have you ever met one that was an oil painter?  Yes, Leobane Cosplay is an oil painting fitness cosplayer…that also loves to travel and knows magic!  Leobane Cosplay makes accurate cosplays of your favourite characters from games, cartoons, and anime.  Leobane Cosplay works with all types of materials, crafting all sorts of sturdy costumes, including medieval armours.  As great as all of these things are in a cosplayer, I think Leobane Cosplay’s greatest attribute is his heart.  Leobane Cosplay has muscles as huge as a glacier, but a smile and sense of humour that can melt one, too.  Perhaps his charm, art skills, and love of travels comes from him being French?
This is the official page for Mitternacht Cosplay of Sweden.  Mitternacht Cosplay got bitten by the cosplay bug via her love of Naruto, just as so many others.  Mitternacht Cosplay is not only an awesome costumer, but a creative cosplayer as well, being the only cosplayer that I know to attempt a Malachite cosplay.  In fact, chances are that if you Google “Malachite Leg Tutorial,” you will get hers. (Even though they look more like back ground arms to me. LOL) ‘Still not original enough for you?  Mitternacht Cosplay is also the only woman I’ve seen to work glass in her face for a character since “Return of the Living Dead 3.” (Bloody Mary from The Wolf Among Us) When Mitternacht Cosplay is not carousing with her friends and boyfriend, she is making art with her group, known as B.A.K.A. Cosplay.
This is the official website for Italian cosplayer Mogu Cospaly.  Mogu Cosplay is an award winning and internationally recognised representative for Italy, having graced a multitude of conventions and competitions.  Mogu Cosplay makes some of the most beautifully well-made cosplays that I have ever seen.  With as elaborately and professionally made as Mogu Cosplay’s pieces are , I would not be surprised if makeup and design was in her future if Mogu Cosplay isn’t doing that already.  All of Mogu Cosplays’s work is delicately detailed and fiercely flaired.  Mogu Cosplay reminds me of Demorafairy Cosplay’s work, not in overall style, but in mastery and level of beauty in tailoring.  Mogu Cospaly is also a designer and architect.  All of Mogu Cosplay’s passions and skills meld perfectly to make her a beautifully eclectic chameleon.
This is the official page for The Stylish Geek.  The Stylish Geek is one of the true mogul cosplayers out there.  The Stylish Geek is more than just a talented cosplayer, but a brand in herself.  As a style or cosplayer, I would say that The Stylish Geek is a master of minimalist accurate cosplay; I’ll try to explain.  The Stylish Geek has an uncanny skill in interpreting a character into a cosplay that is not necessarily 100% accurate in all details and proportions, but captures the essence of that character in the details that she chooses to translate into her cosplay.  A great example of The Stylish Geek’s technique is her helmetless Darth Vader.  The Stylish Geek also has cosplays that are pretty accurate, but use more practical materials, like her “X-Men: Age of Apocalypse” Psyloke.  Another thing that The Stylish Geek does is just an overall sprucing up of a character into a more fashionable version of itself, like her Kylo Ren.  The Stylish Geek’s page is not only a hub for her brand, but a blog on geek fashion, with special offers from chic stores as well.
This is the Facebook page for Daria Kulikova.  Daria Kulikova is but one of many very talented and beautiful cosplayers and models from Russia.  Daria Kulikova has all the skills you would expect from a master costumer and the extreme heat you would also expect from a model.  What I think is truly unique about Daria Kulikova’s style is that her characters all have a gritty realism to them.  Daria Kulikova’s characterss are all one part costuming, one part modeling, one part oil painting, one part resin figure!  Some of Daria Kulikova’s works, like her Davidian, make you want to prop her up and set her on a shelf, unopened.  Others like her Vampirella give a blood caked helping of both sex and horror.  I think Daria Kulikova’s style is like a perfect melding of Jannet Incosplay and Elena Samko Cosplay.
his is the Facebook page for KaijuQueen Cosplay.  KaijuQueen Cosplay is the type of cosplayer that I first started my cosplay section of Cool Links for.  KaijuQueen Cosplay is a geek and lover of fandoms.  KaijuQueen Cosplay takes that love and makes art, while escapeing into the fellowship that has become the cosplay community.  KaijuQueen Cosplay crafts all of her weapons, but is not above trading costuming and crafting for her projects.  Along with the vast majority of her costumes, KaijuQueen Cosplay does all of her makeup, hair, and wig styling.  While KaijuQueen Cosplay has not done outright commission work, as mentioned before, she is VERY social and shares her crafting with other cosplayers in her network.  Like so many cosplayers I know, KaijuQueen Cosplay does this for all of the best reasons to do cosplay.  She does it for art, fellowship, and love; to celebrate life.
Dezi is one of my favourite types of cosplayers:  the Burlesque Cosplayer.  I find myself at a loss for words with Dezi.  When I think of all of the things that I love about burlesque, Dezi is the most like my ideal than anyone that I can think of.  Dezi constantly experiments with her presentation.  Dezi’s performance cosplays are sexy, yet somehow portray the essence of the characters that we grew up with and love. (Have you ever seen a sexy Dexter?  You will.) It’s no surprise that Dezi works with latex, but not nearly as much as one might expect.  Being a cosplayer so readily adds to Dezi’s art.  As a model, Dezi is well polished.  I get the feeling that Dezi could be a Suicide Girl easily, but she’s got more to say than the average Suicide, and is more of a brand in herself.  If I had to get formulaic as to the cocktail recipe of how to make a Dezi, I’d say she was two parts Maki Roll, one part Heathen (Heathen Suicide), one part Cade, and a splash of Nikki Nevermore.  I pray that Dezi is merciful of my oversimplification of her…
This is the Facebook page for Dudus Arrrt.  Dudus Arrrt is a WOMAN from Hungary.  Yes, although a lot of her cosplays are those of burly, stout, or hulking men, Dudus Arrrt is very much female.  I don’t know how Dudus Arrrt does it, but the faces of her cosplays are unreal in how realistic they are.  Then, Dudus Arrrt’s actual costumes are masterfully done as well.  Dudus Arrrt’s character cosplays belong in a Peter Jackson film.  They’re that good.  Dudus Arrrt also creates perfect skin scarring in her cosplays.  I would love to see Dudus Arrrt to try some creature effects to make a horror cosplay, but her style seems to be warm and fuzzy rather than mind tearing and terrifying…but I’m sure she could..!