Gatz Cosplay

Gatz Cosplay is a talented young cosplayer from France.  One of the things that I love about Gatz Cosplay is that everything you can say about the most famous and idolised female cosplayers can be said about him.  Gatz Cosplay is extremely talented.  Gatz Cosplay is a gifted costumer and has the body to pull off his cosplays exceptionally.  Definitely a member of #CosFit.  Gatz Cosplay’s chiseled body lend it’s intensity to whatever cosplay he portrays, be it raw animal magnetism, irresistible strength, or steamy sexuality, Gatz Cosplay becomes it.  Gatz Cosplay is also a kind and down to earth fellow, with a sense of humour.



SugarSpice. And everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the cosplayer known as Asunafoxx.  Asunafoxx is a little ball of sparkles and cotton candy that decided to cosplay.  Of a proud and  exotic heritage of Korean, Honduran, and British, Asunafoxx’s cosplays are as cute and bubbly as herself, and sometimes just as sexy.  Look to where the starts align, and you’ll find Asunafoxx.




Queen B

As the cosplay community becomes bigger and more diverse, it also gains more and more gifted individuals.  Queen B is a perfect example of this.  Queen B, The Fighting Queen, is a cosplayer that enjoys fitness #Cosfit and martial arts (including Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Krav Maga, and Kung Fu San Soo), and it shows in her cosplay choices.  Oh, Queen B does cosplay as other video game characters, as well as characters from other media, but all of them are usually strong fighters at heart.  Queen B is also a graphic designer and editor, so she can do her own touchups after photo shoots.



Vivica Hallow

Every now and then I come across talent that I consider unsung.  Talent to the extent that I know is worthy of fame, especially when cosplay cred has been won by people undeserving of it.  That is the case of Vivica Hallow.  Vivica Hallow considers her three favourite things in the world to be costuming, cosplay, and modeling, and she puts all of her work concerning these them on her page on Facebook:  The Vivica Hallow:  Costume/Modeling/Design.  I was especially impressed by Vivica Hallow’s Yatja (Predator Alien) and Baroness cosplays. (I think I have only seen two other women cosplay as a Yatja, and sorely wish to see more!)



Kamui Cosplay

Kamui Cosplay is actually a cosplay duo from Germany.  Although Svetlana is overwhelmingly the face of the brand, she has been making cosplay with her husband, Benni, as Kamui Cosplay, for many years.  In that time, Kamui Cosplay has heaped on themselves acclaim and admiration for their passion, skill, work ethic, and  manner.  So many cosplayers that I have interviewed have named Kamui Cosplay as not only an inspiration, but the example of the pinnacle of skill that they have aspired to achieve, one day.  Kamui Cosplay has written 15 books and visited 38 countries, as of this entry.  Ever generous with their knowledge, they have created many tutorials on various media, and are ever encouraging of other cosplayers in person and online.  Their place in cosplay is cemented, and well earned.



Thousand Faces Cosplay

Thousand Faces Cosplay is another of a growing number of partners in cosplay and life.  Thousand Faces Cosplay are not only cosplayers, but models, bodybuilders #Cosfit, and performers who incorporate those facets of their lives into their cosplay.  The result is artfully animated characters with physiques that spring to life out of the screen.  In a time of fly-by-night cosplayers that do not respect their fans, and see them as paycheques, Thousand Faces Cosplay are kind and respond. (I think that most of the great ones do!) I think what truly sets Thousand Faces Cosplay from most other cosplayers is that they also take their modeling very seriously, and it is not just a means to money.  It is an expressive part of their lives.  I was truly touched by some nudes of theirs in which the strength of vulnerability and trust was showcased.  Their art is not only worthy of a thousand words, but of a Thousand Faces.