Cosplay at a Glance: Britany Angelus

Today’s cosplayer is from Santiago, Chile in South America.  She started Cosplay in 2012.

Not only does she have a Patreon, but also a domain of her own.

Today’s cosplayer for Cosplay at a Glance is Britany Angelus.


Name:  Britany Angelus

Other Known Aliases:  Britany

Where We Found Her:  Facebook

What Stood Out:  ‘Her sensual lewds and implied nudes, combined with her thiccness.

Famous Cosplayers at a Glance: Hane Ame

I think that as this series grows, there are going to be two reasons to really watch out for it:  1) ‘Seeing cosplay from well known cosplayers from here and some from around the world, and 2) ‘Being introduced to a lot of international cosplayers that have big followings back home.  Either way, I think that’s pretty cool.

This month’s Famous Cosplayer at a Glance is from Japan, (I think.) and is one of those cosplayers from Asia that is cute, almost doll-like, as well as extremely sexy.  Her makeup and costumes are perfect, and along with her physique give the impression that a god placed her in a chair and attended to every detail.

Please enjoy Famous Cosplayers at a Glance with Hane Ame.


Name:  Hane Ame

Other Known Aliases:  HaneAme Cosplay, HaneAme 雨波, and HaneAme 雨波 Cosplay

Cosplay at a Glance: Jinxie Cosplay

If you had to ask her what her defining characteristics were, she’d probably say that it was being bite-sized, but I would say that it would be her perfect face and lips.

I guess that sounds a little weird to some, but I have to calls it like I sees it.

Today’s Cosplay at a Glance cosplayer is Jinxie Cosplay.


Name:  Jinxie Cosplay

Other Known Aliases:  Jinxkittie Cosplay, Jinxiebutt, and JinxieCosplay

Where We Found Her:  Facebook

What Stood Out:  Not only great sexualised cosplay, but a cute face and perfect lips

Cosplay at a Glance: CherryAmaru

One of yet another of the many modern-day cosplayers that won’t give any information about them, but is willing to accept your Patreon and Onlyfans dollars.

Here’s CherryAmaru.


Name:  CherryAmaru

Other Known Aliases:  None

Where We Found Her:  Facebook

What Stood Out:  She’s like a more talented and prettier Liz Katz.

Famous Cosplayers at a Glance: Kay Bear

This cosplayer has been a longtime mutual Twitter follower.  I knew she was something special way back when, and her following has shot off like a rocket.

While she is extremely beautiful, sexy, and uninhibited, one could easily overlook her sketching and other artistic abilities, which is a shame.

I have tried to contact her for many reasons, because I would value her perspective, but I guess she’s too busy too often.

Our Famous Cosplayer at a Glance is Kay Bear.


Name:  Kay Bear

Other Known Aliases:  KayyyBear

Cosplay at a Glance: Kate Key

This week’s Cosplay at a Glance lovely hails from Spain and is one of the Puri Puri Squad, in the likes of Gui Hellsing, and some other really great cosplayers.

While she enjoys video games and modeling, like so many cosplayers, she also loves CCG’s like MtG, YGO!, and FoW!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present Kate Key!


Name:  Kate Key

Other Known Aliases:  Kate Key Cosplay, Kate, and Katerina

Where We Found Her:  Facebook

What Stands Out:  ‘Her lithe body, and love of sensualising cosplay.

Cosplay at a Glance: Sophie

Our cosplay at a Glance feature is from Russia:  The international Mecca of tall, beautiful, and dedicated models, cosplayers, and crafters.

Like many Russian cosplayers, she has an Onlyfans, but I did not find a Patreon for her.

Cosplay at a Glance:  Sophie


Name:  Sophie

Other  Known Aliases:  Sophie Cosplay, KATSSBY, Sophie Katssby, and Sans Reve

Where We Found Her:  Facebook

What Stood Out:  She has a very striking face.

Famous Cosplayers at a Glance: Ireland Reid

This might shock you, but I actually think that this is a cosplayer that does not have a Patreon, Ko-fi, or Onlyfans, and trust me, she could if she wanted to.

While she might not choose to have any of these highly profitable fansites, she does sell merch.  Yes, she actually makes her money the old fashioned way: talent and natural gifts.

This week’s Famous Cosplayer at a Glace cosplayer is Ireland Reid. (Click on her name to see her page and merch.)


Name:  Ireland Reid

Other Known Aliases:  None

Cosplay at a Glance: Lady Melamori

Lady Melamori is a cosplayer from Russia.  Like just about all of the cosplayers from the former USSR I’ve ever seen, she is extremely beautiful.  She is not the usual vision of beauty from that country.  She is more voluptuous than the average Russian cosplayer, but I appreciate the difference.

She has an Onlyfans as well as a Patreon.

This week’s Cosplay at a Glance cosplayer is Lady Melamori.


Name:  Lady Melamori

Other Known Aliases:  Lady Melamori Cosplay and Melamori

Where We Found Her:  Facebook

What Stood Out:  ‘Her love of lacey boudoir and a phat ass.

Cosplay at a Glance: Alice Spiegel

There really wasn’t too much in her Facebook, so I’m guessing she’s pretty new to cosplay, but she’s an A+ model.

Cosplay at a Glance presents Alice Spiegel.


Name:  Alice Spiegel

Other Known Aliases:  Mighty Raccoon

Where We Found Her:  Facebook

What Stood Out:  Great Modeling and Photography