Cosplay at a Glance: Bayonet cosplay

I’ve wanted to feature this cosplayer for months for the “Up and Coming Cosplayer” series.  We have gone back in forth to do this, but we just haven’t been able to line up. She describes herself as a wrestler, Judo martial artist, dressmaker, gamer, and Egirl. This is our last article for a while. Here’s […]

Cosplay at a Glance: Nayo

Today’s Cosplay at a Glance feature is from Poland, and she doesn’t really share much except she likes to do and buy stuff, and is into everything kemonomim…whatever that is. It’s Nayo.   Name:  Nayo Other Known Aliases:  Nayo Cosplay and NayoChan Where We Found Her:  Facebook What Stood Out:  She has the face of […]

Famous Cosplayers at a Glance: Danielle DeNicola

She’s beautiful. She’s a cosplayer. She’s got over 125,000 Likes on Facebook. We haven’t been able to contact her for a feature.–She must be the next subject for Famous Cosplayers at a Glance! Yup, This week’s Famous Cosplayer at a Glance is Danielle DeNicola. Name:  Danielle DeNicola Other Known Aliases:  None Blonde Bowsette Fit Front […]

Cosplay at a Glance: Kallisi Vamp

Today’s cosplayer for Cosplay at a Glance is a self-professed Naruto freak. That’s all I got for you. Cosplay at a Glance presents Kallisi Vamp. Name:  Kallisi Vamp Other Known Aliases:  Kallisi Where We Found Her:  Facebook What Stood Out:  ‘Perfect body, polished makeup, hair, and wig styling, and clean costuming. Nami KV ACT Nami […]

Cosplay at a Glance: Lera Himera

She doesn’t speak English well, she’s tall an beautiful, she loves cosplay, and she has a bunch of “pay to see” pages. That’s all I know.  She’s not too big on sharing. Cosplay at a Glance cosplayer:  Lera Himera   Name:  Lera Himera Other Known Aliases:  Valery Himera Where We Found Her:  Facebook What Stood […]