Cosplay at a Glance: Lada Lyumos

Today’s Cosplay at a Glance cosplayer is a fetish model, and of course, Patreon cosplayer.  I’ve actually been a fan of her work for some time and often mistake her name as “Lady Lyumos.” Lada Lyumos is yet another cosplayer that I have tried to contact to be formally featured on All Cool Things™, but […]

Famous Cosplayers at a Glance: Kristen Lanae

This cosplayer has also gained fame as a Twitch streamer and fashion model. Famous Cosplayer at a Glance presents Kristen Lanae. Name:  Kristen Lanae Other Known Aliases:  None Rainbow Floatie KL ACT Rainbow KL ACT Red Bowsette KL ACT Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman KL ACT Doctor KL ACT Black Cat KL ACT Sister of Sin KL […]

Cosplay at a Glance: ChibiNeko Cosplay

Today’s cosplayer is a New Yorker, but for some reason, I thought she might have been from the UK…Anyway, yes:  She has a Patreon. She’s the cosplayer with the original name (because no cosplayer ever has “Chibi,” “Neko,” or “Cosplay” in her name).  Cosplay at a Glance presents:  ChibiNeko Cosplay. Name:  ChibiNeko Cosplay Other Known […]

Cosplay at a Glance: Reilin

Once again, she’s another cosplayer that I don’t know much about, except that she has a Patreon, she’s good at her craft, and she’s really easy on the eyes…   Cosplay at a Glance presents Reilin. Name:  Reilin Other Known Aliases:  Reilin Cosplay and Alexandra Reil Where We Found Her:  Facebook What Stood Out:  Excellent […]

Cosplay at a Glance: Mercedes Demon

Originally this cosplayer was going to be a featured cosplayer for “Up and Coming Cosplayers,” but for whatever reasons, she stopped responding. I have to admit that as far as cosplay, she’s a bit on the novice side, (Give her time.) but what really stood out was…well, it was her body…It is insane. Yes, I […]